Cardio Palooza

An annual celebration of research discoveries.

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Cardio-Palooza is an annual research retreat to celebrate ongoing research and to foster future discoveries in cardiovascular science and medicine at UMN. Starting in 2009, the goal of the retreat is to enliven the entire UMN cardiovascular community and related constituents, under the direction the Department of Integrative Biology and Physiology in partnership with the Lillehei Heart Institute. Faculty and all active research members of their labs, highlighting students, fellows, trainees, lab managers present their latest work, which underlies the foundation of our interactions. All participants present their recent work (talks /posters will be selected) – emphasis will be on unpublished work and new directions. The poster session is robust and dynamic and always a retreat highlight.


Award Winners: Michael Zhang, Clinical Fellow (O'Connell Lab); Audrey Daugherty - Post-Doc/Scientist (Kang Lab); Fanta Barrow, Graduate Student (Revelo Lab); Madelyn Blake, Summer Scholar (Prins Lab); Jean Pierre Pallais (Bartolomucci Lab) & Eunice Oribamise (M. Garry Lab), People's Choice  Picture gallery


Award Winners: Edward Duran, Clinical Fellow (Duprez Lab); Ahmed Ahmed - Post-Doc/Scientist (Kyba Lab); Gavin Fredrickson, Graduate Student (Revelo Lab); Sydney Peng, Summer Scholar (Kyba Lab); Jenna Mendelson, People's Choice (Prins Lab) Picture gallery

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Past Events


Award Winners: Sasha Prisco, Clinical Fellow (Prins Lab); Laura Hocum Stone - Post-Doc/Scientist (Kelly Lab); Vasanth Ravikumar, Graduate Student (Talkachova Lab); Stephanie Deng, Summer Scholar (Prins Lab); Elizabeth Ener, People's Choice (Kyba Lab) 
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Award winners: Meghana Iyer, Summer Scholar (Tranquillo lab); Lee Meier, Graduate Student (Binstadt lab); Zhongming Chen, Post doc (van Berlo lab); Jason Allen, Clinical Fellow (Bartos lab)  
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Award winners: Karena Lin, Summer Scholar (Perlingeiro lab); Tatyana Meyers, Graduate Student (Townsend lab); Ning Xie, Post doc; Kurt Prins, Clinical Fellow (Metzger lab)   
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Award winners: Hyun Cho, Summer Scholar; Yi-Wei Lin, Graduate Students (Pharmacology); Bhairab N. Singh, Researcher (School of Medicine); Stephen George, Medical Fellow (Cardiology)   
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Award winners: Pa Nhiam Moua, Summer Scholar (Metzger lab); John Rohode, Graduate Student (Thomas lab); Zeeshan Syedain, Post Doc (Tranquillo lab); Kurt Prins, Clinical Fellow (Metzger lab).   
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Award winners: Jared Matzhe, summer scholar; Jackie McCort, graduate student (BMBB); Ninitha Asirvantham-Jeyarj, Post Doc (Osborn lab); Young Kwon, Clinical Fellow.   
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Award winners: Courtney Connolly, Summer Scholar; Kaustubh Mote, Graduate Student; Bhairab N. Singh, Post Doc; Khalil Murad, Clinical Fellow.   
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Award winners: Monica Knaack, Summer Scholars; Cheryl Cero, Graduate Student; Tara Rasmussen, Post Doc; Forum Kamdar, Clinical Fellow.   
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