Cardiac Short Course (PHSL 5510) Registration

All students must register as either Non-Degree (Industry) or Degree Seeking Students. Select the tabs below for more information.

Non-degree Seeking Students (Industry)

Students in this group include people in industry, students from outside the University of Minnesota, non-degree U of MN students, students who register for classes via the College of Continuing Education, and all others who do not exactly fit the U of MN degree-seeking student description below.

Course Fees

There is a charge of $3,850 for this course.  Your course fee includes a $550 non-refundable administrative fee.  Cancellations/Refunds:  Cancellations received on or before Dec 12, 2022 will receive a refund minus the non-refundable fee.  After that date, we cannot offer a refund, but we allow a participant to substitute a coworker in his or her place. We can only accept credit cards with one transaction per person, or U of MN account strings. We cannot take checks and we cannot register groups. There is no group discount. Registration is open until the class fills or late December.

The link below will bring you to the new registration System for Non-University students called Destiny One. During this process, you will be set up with a University of Minnesota guest ID that can be used to when registering for future classes and using the UMN library system. When completing the registration forms, you only need to complete the fields with a red asterisk.

Industry Professionals - Registration

UMN Degree Seeking Students

**Graduate or undergraduate (especially Physiology majors) students at the University of Minnesota that are currently enrolled in a degree-granting academic program as indicated on your U of MN transcript.


•  You must already be enrolled in a degree program as a University student to take this course for academic credit. This is a 2 or 3 credit class.
•  Department permission is required for registration. Some students are enrolled in graduate or professional programs, but qualified undergraduates may also join the class, especially physiology majors. We do give preference to undergrad seniors over juniors and to students that register before mid-November.

Course Fees

In addition to your tuition, you will be billed for a course fee of approximate $525. This will be billed to your Spring semester student account. The course fee is primarily for use of human cadavers in the afternoon labs, as well as for equipment use. Tuition is determined by your college program, and our department does not have specific information on that. Click here to get more information from OneStop Student Services.


Pre-registration form for PHSL 5510 for U of M students

1.  Complete the Pre-registration form for UMN students (Google form link above).  You will receive a permission number needed to register if you fit the required student group.  Graduate students are give preference over undergraduate students.  Please make sure there are no holds on your records, as that will delay your registration.

2.  Note before registering: There will be one take-home exam. The score on that exam and individual participation in the labs and lectures will be used to determine the final grade. Two graduate credits will normally be awarded for this course. Students registered for three (3) credits* must also complete a final paper, which will contribute to 33% of the total grade. This course is letter grade (A-F).
*Please Note: Before you commit to a third credit and write a paper, please carefully read the warning on the registration form above. The third credit is accomplished after the short course and during the spring semester. Grades for this 2 or 3 credit class are not officially posted in the U of MN system until the end of the spring semester.  Registration is open until the course is full. Typically, this class fills quickly.

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Course Credit Information

Please note, no academic credit will be awarded to students who are not already currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program at the U of MN. If you take a short course and pay the non-student fee, and then later decide you want graduate academic credit, you must:

1.  Take and pass the take-home exam
2.  Register for academic credit and pay tuition, but you do not have to again attend the class
3.  Even if you do not register as a University student, you can still receive a letter grade for the short course, and in most cases, get reimbursed by your company. You will receive a letter from the IBP's Director of Education confirming your attendance and certifying a grade that you would have received if you were a degree-seeking student, providing you opt to complete the take-home final. This letter will serve as proof that you took the course. If at some point in the future you enroll in a graduate program you could get retroactive credit on your transcripts for the short course. Email Jane Barnard, if you wish to receive a letter grade after you complete this class.

Additional Information (Directions / Parking / Meals)

•  This course will be on East Bank campus.  Lectures will be at the Minneapolis Graduate Hotel (615 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414) and the laboratories are in Jackson Hall

•  Parking: The Washington Avenue ramp is across the street from the Graduate Hotel.  The East River Parking Ramp is also an option.  This cost of parking is not included in your course fees.

•  Materials: You should bring a pen or pencil, and you may want paper for taking notes.  You may also want to bring a laptop or tablet to pull up the lectures for each day. For security purposes, we will provide name tags for you to wear and ask that you clip them on each day.

•  Meals: A continental breakfast and lunches will be provided each day.  We cannot accomodate food restrictrions.  You are welcome to bring your own meals if you have diatary restrictions.

•  Housing: For those that are coming from out of town, the Graduate Hotel will be very convenient. Click here for a listing of other local Lodging.

•  Accommodations: If you need any disability or other individual accommodations please contact the IBP Department at 612-625-5902.