Resident Research

The radiology residency program exposes the residents to both the academic and clinical practice of radiology. Although participation in research is not required by the program, it is encouraged.

Residents in the program regularly submit abstracts to national meetings or have manuscripts accepted for publication, under the guidance and support of faculty.

If a resident has a paper or abstract accepted, then the Department will support that resident to attend the meeting or conference.

Sample of Current Resident Involvement



“Automated thalamic mapping and DBS electrode localization using 7T MR diffusion tensor imaging in essential tremor patients” JM Gee, R Patriat & N Harel
In preparation

 “Ruptured persistent trigeminal artery causing direct cavernous sinus fistula treated with pipeline embolization and minimal coiling”

NK Yoon, AW Awad, JM Gee & P Taussky
World Neurosurgery (2018)
PMID: 29042328

“Evaluation of complications and costs during overlapping transsphenoidal surgery in the treatment of pituitary adenoma”
M Karsy, CA Bowers, J Scoville, B Kundu, M Atef, JM Gee, J Guan, WT Couldwell
Neurosurgery (2018)

Salavati A, Schik AN, Koksel Y, Gencturk M, Froelich JW. Solitary Penile Metastasis of Prostate Cancer on 18F-Fluciclovine PET/CT Imaging in a Patient with PSA of 1 ng/mL. Clin Nucl Med. 2020.

Froelich JW, Salavati A. Artificial Intelligence in PET/CT Is about to Make Whole-Body Tumor Burden Measurements a Clinical Reality. Radiology. 2020; 294:453-4.

Rice SR, Saboury B, Houshmand S, Salavati A, Kalbasi A, Goodman CR, Werner TJ, Vujaskovic Z, Simone CB, 2nd, Alavi A. Quantification of global lung inflammation using volumetric 18F-FDG PET/CT parameters in locally advanced non-small-cell lung cancer patients treated with concurrent chemoradiotherapy: a comparison of photon and proton radiation therapy. Nucl Med Commun. 2019; 40:618-25.

Hoilund-Carlsen PF, Alavi A, Moghbel MC, Salavati A. PET-CT-MR Imaging-Based Cardiovascular Imaging. PET Clin. 2019; 14: xiii-xv.

Gholamrezanezhad A, Guermazi A, Salavati A, Alavi A. PET-Computed Tomography and PET-MR Imaging and Their Applications in the Twenty-First Century. PET Clin. 2019; 14: xv-xvii.

Yasemin Koksel, Mehmet Gencturk, M.D.; Anthony Spano, M.D.; Margaret Reynolds, M.D.; Sara Roshan, M.D.; Zuzan Caycı, M.D. Utility of Likert Scale (Deauville Criteria) in Assessment of Chemoradiotherapy Response of Primary Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Cancer Site. Clinical Imaging. 2019

Wang, X., Benson, J, Jagadeesan, B, and McKinney, A. (2020).Giant Cerebral Aneurysms: Comparing CTA, MRA, and Digital Subtraction Angiography Assessments”, published on April 23, 2020, Journal of Neuroimaging.

Wang, X., Zheng, KX, Ralicia, E and Allen, T (2020) “Pulmonary Vein Occlusion and Veno-       Occlusive Disease in a Bilateral Lung Transplant Patient: a Case Report”, Respiratory Medicine case report.

Wang, X., Zheng, KX, and Allen, T (2020) “A Batty Non-resolving Lung Abnormality”, American Thoracic Society Quick Hits, published on Jan 30, 2020.

Maldjian P.D., Chen T. Is Visual Assessment of Thyroid Attenuation on Unenhanced CT of the Chest Useful for Detecting Hypothyroidism? Clinical Radiology. 2016 71(11) 1199.E9-1199.E14. 2. Irfanullah, A., Chen, T., Roller, L., Sahgal, P., & Chu, D. (2018). Successful



Zarama D, Gutierrez J, Young S, D’Souza D. Do Patients Require Overnight Admission After Transarterial Chemoembolization
Oral presentation – Global Embolization Symposium
Technologies Conference. New York City, NY.
9 May, 2019

“Automated functional mapping of the thalamus and DBS lead localization in essential tremor”
JM Gee, T Palnitkar, H Braun, J Kim, R Patriat, N Harel
Organization for Human Brain Mapping Annual Meeting (2020)
Poster #: 48

 “Visualizing thalamic functional regions for precise DBS electrode localization in essential tremor patients using 7T MRI” University of Minnesota Radiology Research Symposium (2019)

 “Local brain tissue water content in traumatic brain injury patients”
B Kundu, J Gee, AW Awad, M Park, G Hawryluk
Journal of Neurotrauma (2018)

Roshan, S.K. Spano. A.D. Predictive Value of Pretreatment Semi-quantitative 18F-FDG PET/CT Parameters in Patients with Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma. American Society of Neuroradiology. Abstract Presentation. Las Vegas, Nevada. June, 2020.

Spano, A.D., Talaie, R., & Golzarian, J., Sharp Recanalization of IVC into TIPS in Budd Chiari Patient. Global Embolization Symposium & Technologies. New York City, New York. May, 2019.

Spano, A.D., Ozturk, K., & Nascene, D. Standardization of Head Computed Tomography Angles.  UMN Annual Radiology Quality Improvement Poster Session. Minneapolis, MN.  Poster Presentation.  May, 2019.

Wang, X., Benson, J, and McKinney, A. (2020). “Assessment of Giant Cerebral Aneurysms: Which Imaging Modality Works Best?” 58th Annual Meeting of the ASNR, Las Vegas, NV, USA.

Wang, X., Gencturk, M, Rykken, J and Nascence, D. (2017). “Improvement of Scan Consistency in Brain MRI Axial Images Using AC-PC line” Fifth Annual Resident and Fellow Quality Forumon May 31, 2017at theUniversity of Minnesota Coffman Memorial Union Great Hall

Chen, Ting -  Quality Assessment/Quality Improvement/Poster Presentation Chen T, Young S. TACE in Patients with Elevated Bilirubin: Predictive Value of Direct Bilirubin as Compared to Total Bilirubin, Global Embolization Symposium and Technologies Conference (GEST), May 10, 2019, New York City, NY