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Advancing Imaging

We conduct leading magnetic resonance research and clinical research at the Center for Magnetic Resonance Research, Center for Clinical Imaging Research and University of Minnesota Health and affiliate hospitals.

Center for Magnetic Resonance Research

CMRR Building

CMRR is home to some of the most advanced MR instrumentation in the world, including the world’s first 10.5T clinical imaging magnet, complemented by human resources that provide unique expertise in imaging physics, engineering and signal processing.

Center for Clinical Imaging Research

Dr. Cayci at CCIR

CCIR, a National Cancer Institute Center of Quantitative Imaging Excellence (CQIE), provides advanced imaging for specialized clinical and clinical research protocols. Specialized reproducible imaging protocols are implemented with consistent quality via a research-compliant team approach.

Research Opportunities for Trainees

The Department of Radiology encourages involvement in research activities as part of a student's professional development. If interested in learning more, please follow the below directions depending on the area of radiology research you are interested in.

Center for Magnetic Resonance Research (CMRR):

Clinical Radiology Research:

  • Complete this short form.
  • After completing the form, review this list of clinical faculty members and their areas of research focus. Then, contact any faculty you would like to work with to discuss their projects.
  • Once approved to join a project, notify Christine Damases-Kasi at to begin the onboarding process.

For Department of Radiology Use Only
Clinical radiology faculty members who need to add a student to a research project, complete this form to initiate the onboarding process.