Center for Radiology Research Resources (CR3)

The Center for Radiology Research Resources (CR3) was created to provide a clear and efficient path for researchers to partner with the Department of Radiology when a study requires imaging services. CR3 will address the radiological needs of the protocol and when needed, assign a radiologist to the study to deliver high quality research reads in a timely manner.

CR3 will provide study teams across the University and M Health Fairview with recommendations for enhancements to the proposed protocol, insights on technological requirements, ensure Imaging Services is able to meet protocol requirements, and serve as a resource for any radiology-related decisions or questions.

CR3 Interim Directors

Zuzan Cayci, MD
Patrick Bolan, PhD

Our directors set and maintain the quality standards of research reads. They work with research partners to help develop our services to continue to meet researcher needs. Their work focuses on safety in radiology research with advanced imaging analytics and cutting-edge technologies.

Protocol review committee

Zuzan Cayci, MD
Kelly Dietz, MD
Noelle Hoven, MD
Can Ozutemiz, MD
Takashi Takahashi, MD
Rajesh Thampy, MD

CR3 Team

Megan Leland, Imaging Manager - CR3 & CCIR
Christine Damases Kasi, Radiology Research Technologist
Evan Hromada, Administrative Coordinator


CR3 will provide a wide array of services to help support your research.
These services include:

  • Reviews of research protocols and imaging manual to ensure we can provide the services needed at the locations requested
  • Recommendations to enhance protocols
  • Protocol-specific research read reports
  • Consultations with radiologists
  • Technology recommendations
  • Location options for imaging services
  • Assistance with forms related to imaging technology
  • Assistance with identifying correct CPT codes for imaging studies
  • Assistance with image de-identification and transfer

Scope of Services

CR3 will assist clinical trials, with human subjects, that have imaging scans planned at any of the M Health Fairview imaging locations. Additionally, CR3 will provide protocol review or consultation services to any clinical trial with regard to their imaging needs, regardless of the location of the planned scans.

Requests for pre-study forms or information

For any pre-study needs, such as site feasibility forms, information for budgeting, technology questions, etc, please submit your requests or questions and attach any forms that need completion here: CR3 Pre-Study Requests

Request Support for New Studies

You can begin working with CR3 as soon as you begin planning your study, if radiology support is needed. Complete a short CR3 INTAKE FORM to begin the process. A CR3 coordinator will reach out to you to begin a service agreement and collect the protocol documents and imaging manuals for review.

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Internal CR3 Rates

Internal rates are for funding routed through the University with a sponsored or non-sponsored chart string.

Protocol Review/Onboarding Fee


The CR3 team will evaluate your study to determine if a protocol review is required; not all studies will need this service. This is a one time fee, that will be billed through UMN, that includes: 

  • Reviewing the protocol to assure we can provide the service requested
  • Provide feedback and recommendations for enhancing the protocol
  • Providing any start-up documents/forms needed for study start-up
  • Setting up protocols/study details in research radiology specific software systems

Research Read

$340.00 (per criteria)

This fee will be billed in two separate portions. $150 will be billed to the study by Fairview Research Administration (payable directly to Fairview). $190 will be billed through UMN ISO.

This fee includes:

  • Research read/report
  • CR3 staff support to aid with special requests, troubleshoot issues, answer questions, meet timelines
  • CR3 staff will facilitate/schedule meetings with radiologist in regard to questions about report findings

Image De-Identification and Transfer

$45.00 (per image study)

This fee includes: 

  • De-identification and uploading patient scans to a study central site or to a secure Box folder shared with the UMN study team.

Please note: Fees are subject to change with a minimum of 30 days notice to existing clients

External CR3 Rates

External rates are for standard billable service to external customers. A contract must be in place prior to use.

We are currently only offering external contracts to Fairview Health Services.