The Department of Radiology DEI committee is spearheading a children’s book project called “One World, Many Stories” to advance our mission to foster diversity and promote equity and inclusiveness.

We hope that the project will not only promote literacy through reflective and inclusive books, but also improve the Imaging Department’s climate and community relations. Pediatric patients visiting the Imaging Department at MHealth Masonic Children’s Hospital have their choice of an age appropriate book during their appointment.

Books included have diverse themes that can both act as windows into other cultures, and as mirrors for all children. For example, The Dumpling Day, by Meera Sriram, is a book that celebrates dumplings, a universal food enjoyed across the world, and features 10 families including from India, USA (Pennsylvania Dutch), China (Cantonese), Nigeria, Japan, Israel, Mexico, Syria, Russia and Italy. Everyone Belongs, by Heather Avis, is a book that encourages children to not only value all people, but also be thoughtful of our differences for a better world.