The Nexaris suite, now available at the M Health Fairview University of Minnesota Medical Center, is the first and only in the state to offer one of the most cutting-edge advances in Interventional Radiology. 

There are only a few Nexaris suites in the country that combine an angio suite and a CT scan in one, allowing providers to add high-quality angiographic images, with the possibility of intravascular selective CT images. This combination allows a super-selective catheterization of distal vessels, resulting in better targeting of lesions. In addition, it may help reduce the amount of contrast media and radiation exposure, which allows providers at the hospital to deal with more complex patient cases and procedures with better outcomes. 

Currently being used for patients with liver cancer and enlarged prostate glands, this technology can also help detect more lesions compared to standard CT imaging.

"This machine offers the advantages of two complementary imaging modalities in one, and benefits our patients in many ways," said Jafar Golzarian, MD, Professor, and Division Director of Interventional Radiology & Vascular Imaging in the University of Minnesota Medical School Department of Radiology.

Since this machine is extremely dexterous and capable of very selective and centralized power, the Nexaris machine can target cancer tissue in extremely precise locations of the body. This means that recovering after a procedure could be far less painful and allow patients to spend less time in recovery, and more time getting back to their lives.