Sri Lanka got its first PET scanner, and the physicians and physicists in charge of using it recently visited the University of Minnesota to be trained on the technology.

“The University of Minnesota’s Radiology Department has a long history of providing training in various aspects of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine to providers throughout the developing world. This group from Sri Lanka is our newest class to receive advanced clinical and physics training in PET/CT. Because of our recognized advanced techniques and clinical quality, we have had trainees from various countries like Sri Lanka, India, Israel and various countries in Africa,” said Dr. Jerry Froelich, Head, Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging.

Dr. Froelich and Brad Humphrey, Manager of Nuclear Medicine at University of Minnesota Health spent a total of four weeks training the radiologists and medical physicists from Sri Lanka on how PET scans are performed and read at University of Minnesota Health. The PET scanner in Sri Lanka (pictured on the right) is now being used to diagnose cancer patients.