According to the National Cancer Institute, current incidence rates suggest roughly 12.4 percent of women born in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime. 

Helping women through their fight with cancer are physicians at the University of Minnesota Health Breast Center. In recent years, University of Minnesota radiologists have increasingly used a technique called contrast mammography to detect enhancing breast lesions.

“Contrast mammography can be performed prior to biopsy of a suspicious lesion,” says Noelle Hoven, MD, Radiologist and Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School who specializes in breast imaging. “If we find an enhancing lesion in the breast, we can evaluate it further prior to biopsy.”

Contrast mammography has the potential to be complimentary in a center with access to contrast enhanced MRI. Lower cost, patient comfort and ready availability in the mammographic suite are advantages of this imaging technique.

The Breast Center at University of Minnesota Health provides a broad range of personalized care in an environment designed especially for women.

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