Our Residents

Jessica Casey, MD

Jessica Casey, MD

Medical Resident
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Undergrad: Boston University
Medical School: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Professional Interests: Sports medicine
What attracted you to the U of M: The U’s PM&R program is robust and will train me to be an exceptional physiatrist. There are also phenomenal opportunities for community involvement, research, and ultrasound training.
What you love most about Minnesota: The people, hands down. I also really love the summers and all the activities available outside.

Kathy Guo

Kathy Guo, MD

Chief Resident

Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Undergrad: Bates College
Medical School: St. George’s University
Professional Interests: Pediatric rehabilitation, brain injury rehabilitation, and public health
What attracted you to the U of M: I had a chance to rotate here in medical school, and I loved how close-knit and friendly the residents all were. The program and its faculty are very supportive of residents pursuing a wide range of interests, and clearly care about the success of residents.
What you love most about Minnesota: I enjoy everything from exploring the many lakes of Minnesota to the restaurants and breweries. I love how diverse Minneapolis is! 

Grant Gustafson

Grant Gustafson, DO

Medical Resident

Hometown: Pella, IA
Undergrad: Central College
Medical School: Kansas City University
Professional Interests: Spinal Cord Injury, Pain Management, Sports Medicine
What attracted you to the U of M: During my interview, the University of Minnesota just felt like home. It was clear from the beginning this was a family-oriented program, top to bottom. I also felt confident would be supported in pursuing both my personal and professional goals during my time here.
What you love most about Minnesota: The city has so much to offer with restaurants and breweries but I am most excited about fully experiencing the four seasons with outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and biking. 

Kersten Schwanz

Kersten Schwanz, MD

Chief Resident

Hometown: Inver Grove Heights, MN
Undergrad: University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Medical School: University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Professional Interests: Musculoskeletal/Sports Medicine, Ultrasound, Training-Associated Injuries, Athlete Monitoring and Performance, Adaptive Sports, Strength and Conditioning, Exercise is Medicine/Preventative Training, Biomechanics, Education
What attracted you to the U of M: At its core, Minnesota offers me endless opportunities for professional and personal growth that I could never replicate at any other program. Here, I am surrounded by individuals from multiple disciplines who challenge me to be my best within a light-hearted environment where I know I thrive. Most importantly, as a die-hard Gopher, I bleed maroon and gold.
What you love most about Minnesota: I grew up here and honestly love the balance of environment and all the fun places around the state. I am an outdoorsy person, so I love all of the adventures that are around the Cities and up north. The Mississippi River is an absolute favorite, especially in the fall when the leaves are changing. Plus, it's a great place for me as a foodie because of all the great restaurants.

Mark Volker

Mark Volker, MD

Medical Resident

Hometown: Cambridge, MN
Undergrad: Hamline University
Medical School: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Professional Interests: Sports, MSK ultrasound, Interventional spine
What attracted you to the U of M: Minnesota is home. Having spent my whole life here, coupled with an impressive family-friendly PM&R program, the choice was an easy one.
What you love most about Minnesota: Experiencing the beauty of all 4 seasons and the wide variety of activities that go along with them.


André Asperti, MD

Medical Resident

Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil
Medical School: University of São Paulo, Brazil
Professional Interests: Spinal cord injury, sports medicine, and interventional pain
Why the U of M: The wide variety of clinical settings in the University of Minnesota´s six rotation sites is fantastic and completely aligned with my wish to be a well-rounded physiatrist. Also, during the interview, the enthusiasm of the house staff impressed me, mainly because it communicated a genuine satisfaction in working at the University of Minnesota.
What you love most about Minnesota: The outdoor lifestyle!


Tonera Chiume, MD

Medical Resident

Hometown: Lilongwe, Malawi.
Medical School: Saint Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Professional Interests: Traumatic brain injury, cancer rehabilitation, ultrasound, PM&R education and research, global health
Why the U of M: While conducting research on where I would like to do my residency, I found that I would fit best at U of M as the structure of the program is great, the team leading the training is top notch, and to top it off, the residents ahead of me gave me a sense of great camaraderie.
What you love best about Minnesota: I love the warmth of the people and their welcoming spirit. There are many wonderful parks and lakes around me, which I enjoy.


Andrew Dang, DO

Medical Resident

Hometown: Prior Lake, MN
Undergrad: University of Minnesota, College of Biological Sciences
Medical School: Kansas City University, MO
Professional Interests: Pediatric rehabilitation (kids are adorable!), inpatient neurorehabilitation, medical education.
Why the U of M: Everything great about this program comes down to the amazing family its residents, attendings and staff all help create. My medical school rotation here was virtual due to the pandemic, but I could still feel the energy and positivity every single day from every person I interacted with. The people at this program genuinely care about you and truly make you want to pay it forward every day when you are around people like this.
What you love most about Minnesota: Definitely apple picking season and bonfires!


Caroline Gormley, DO

Medical Resident

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Undergrad: The College of Wooster, OH
Medical School: West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, Lewisburg
Professional Interests: Pediatrics rehabilitation, medical ethics, and international medicine
Why the U of M: I am so thrilled to have matched at the U of M. I am excited to come back home and to treat the patient populations I love in my home state!
What you love most about Minnesota: I love the people and the beautiful lakes!

Hayley Hicks

Haley Hicks, DO

Medical Resident

Hometown: Rockford, IL
Undergrad: Drake University
Medical School: Des Moines University
Professional Interests: Sports medicine, MSK, complex medical rehab
What you love most about Minnesota: I really enjoy all of the outdoor spaces as well as the new neighborhoods and restaurants to explore!


Paola Toussaint Gonzalez, MD

Medical Resident

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico
Undergraduate: Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Medical School: Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Professional Interests: Brain injury rehabilitation, research in neuroscience, biomechanics, ultrasound, treatment of spasticity.
What you love most about Minnesota: The people, summer concerts in the parks, biking around the city with my family. I am looking forward to ice skating on the lakes this winter. The perfect balance of outdoors and city life.


Aaron Greenblat, DO

Medical Resident 

Hometown - Reno, Nevada
Undergrad - University of Nevada
Medical School - Kansas City University- Joplin
Professional Interests - Cancer Rehab, Interventional Pain, Sports Medicine. 
What I love about Minnesota - My wife and I have twins and we love how family friendly the twin cities are with countless activities geared towards kids.


Aldo Salgado Hernandez, MD

Medical Resident

Hometown: San Diego CA/ Tijuana Mx
Medical School: Universidad Autonoma de Baja California (UABC) Facultad de Medicina y Psicologia Tijuana
Professional Interests: Interested in Sports Medicine, Adaptive sports, MSK, Ultrasound, TBI, Neurorehabilitation, Concussion, Pain medicine. All aspects of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation are interesting to me.
What you love most about Minnesota: I love the people here in Minnesota they are very welcoming and kind. I love that there are a lot of outdoor activities to do with the family. And I enjoy that we get to experience all the four seasons, and yes even winter!


Dylan Mann, MD

Medical Resident

Hometown: Marion, Iowa
Undergraduate: University of Iowa
Medical School: University of Illinois, Carle College of Medicine
Professional Interests: Pediatric rehab, Cerebral Palsy, and TBI
What you love most about Minnesota: The people. I know that no matter what kind of day I have had, I can always go see my fellow PM&R residents and have people happy to see me! I would not trade it for anything.


Luke Walters, MD

Medical Resident

Hometown: Eden Prairie, MN
Undergraduate School: Bethel University
Medical School: UMN
Professional Interests: Inpatient rehab vs. Pain Medicine
What you love most about Minnesota: Dressing like it’s Summer on the 1st Sunny 40-degree day after the long Winter.


Marcus Babcock, MD

Medical Resident 

Hometown: Prior Lake, MN
Undergraduate School: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Medical School: University of Minnesota
Professional Interests: Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, MSK Ultrasound, Spasticity Management, Neurorehabilitation
What I love about Minnesota: The people, endless cross-country ski trails, and the wonton noodle soup (#508) at Quang on Eat Street!


Jimmy To, DO

Medical Resident 

Hometown: San Diego, California
Undergraduate School: University of California, Irvine
Medical School: Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine
Professional Interests: Musculoskeletal Medicine, Pain Management, Ultrasound, Adaptive Sports, Global Health
What you love about Minnesota: I love exploring the great outdoors and Minnesota provides so many opportunities to do that with its beautiful parks, lakes, and hiking trails. There is also no shortage of delicious restaurants, fun concerts, and kind people here!


Lauren Topor, MD

Medical Resident

Hometown: Inver Grove Heights, MN
Undergraduate school: Bethel University, St. Paul, MN
Medical School: University of Minnesota
Professional Interests: MSK, ultrasound, sports medicine, concussion, SCI, adaptive sports
What you love about Minnesota: Being close to family and friends, pond hockey in the winter, lake days in the summer


Meta Williams, DO

Medical Resident 

Hometown: Middleton, WI
Undergraduate School: Grinnell College
Medical School: Des Moines University
Professional Interests: I'm interested in interventional pain and cancer rehab. But I also love general MSK stuff and am very open to wherever this journey takes me.
What I love about Minnesota: Being from Wisconsin, I like the familiarity of Minnesota's Midwest vibe. I also like that Minneapolis always has things to do outside, from festivals to just walking along the river path. I'm also excited to explore the opportunities for winter sports here - especially to familiarizing myself with the cross country ski trails around the city!