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Paul Bruhnding, DO
Medical Resident

Hometown: Shoreview, MN
Bethel University, MN
Medical School:
Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, MO
Professional Interests: Pain, Musculoskeletal Medicine, EMG
Why you chose Minnesota: The culture of the residency was second to none! The training sites were diverse and loaded with unique opportunities within the local PM&R community. Finally, Dr. Tonkin- need I say more?!
What you love most about Minnesota: The abundance of snow, mosquitoes, and road construction.

James Dvorak, MD
Medical Resident

Hometown: New Prague, MN
University of Minnesota - Duluth "Go Dogs" 
Medical School:
St. Matthew's University School of Medicine - Cayman Islands 
Professional Interests: Pain management, Interventional orthopedics, and musculoskeletal medicine
Why you chose Minnesota: Great PM&R community, a plethora of resources and unique training opportunities at the multiple sites we rotate. The culture of the program and the residents is amazing. Dr. Tonkin is my hero! Minnesota is where mine and my wife's families are..... it was a very easy decision!
What you love most about Minnesota: Love the outdoors and all the lakes, parks, paths, and trails. Cabins "up north". Vibrant microbrewery scene. The people.. Minnesota nice is a real thing! And most importantly, it's The State of Hockey, with ice all year round for me and my 3 little boys to play on. 

Florence John, MD, MPH
Chief Resident

Hometown: Chesapeake, VA
Undergrad: Bangalore University, India
Graduate: University of Minnesota- Public Health Administration and Policy
Medical School: Bangalore University, India
Professional Interests: Cancer rehabilitation, Neurorehabilitation, Health Disparities Research
Why you chose Minnesota: I loved the culture of the program and felt it was the perfect fit for me. Resident support is an integral part of the program from faculty, staff, and an awesome Program Director! There are also opportunities to pursue whatever focus we find a passion for within the field of PM&R.
What you love most about Minnesota: Beautiful lakes, change of seasons and spending time with my family.

Alicia Phillips, MD
Medical Resident

Medical School: University of Minnesota, Duluth - MN
Internship: University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, MN 


Amanda Day, DO
Chief Resident

Hometown: Lawrenceburg, IN
Undergrad: Indiana University, IN
Medical School: Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine, IN 
Professional Interests: Musculoskeletal, Pain Medicine, Cancer Rehabilitation, Women's Health
Why you chose Minnesota: I participated in an away rotation with this residency program as a medical student. Everyone was welcoming and supportive. I knew this program was a good personal and professional fit for me.
What you love most about Minnesota: The Twin Cities are great and have a lot to offer. However, I appreciate the nature and outdoor aspects of Minnesota even more.

Christopher Meserve, MD
Medical Resident

Hometown: Kennebunk, ME
Undergrad: Earlham College, IN
Medical School: University of Vermont College of Medicine, VT
Professional Interests: Pain medicine, MSK, SCI, neuromuscular/EMG, general rehabilitation
Why you chose Minnesota: During my interview, I liked how everyone was welcoming and helpful. Also, it seemed like the current residents were happy and enjoyed their rotations. Overall, it seemed like the residency culture was very positive, and the faculty were committed to our education.
What you love most about Minnesota: The biking paths in the city are fantastic! The city parks are beautiful, and I have enjoyed visiting places closer to the North Shore. Even the cold winters are filled with fun activities around the Twin Cities.

Michael Nguyen, MD, MPH
Medical Resident

Hometown: Bellevue, WA
Undergrad: University of Washington - Biochemistry and Chemistry 
Graduate: University of California, Los Angeles - Environmental Health Sciences
Medical School: University of Washington School of Medicine
Professional Interests: Neuro-rehabilitation, Health Services Research, Disability Advocacy
Why you chose Minnesota: A strong focus on neuro-rehabilitation, passionate teaching faculty, and opportunities to pursue clinical research.
What you love most about Minnesota: Experiencing four seasons.

Matthew Puderbaugh, DO
Medical Resident

Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Undergrad: Washburn University Topeka, KS
Medical School: Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Professional Interests: Brain Injury and Polytrauma, Pain, Manual Therapy, Zymergy
Why you chose Minnesota: Great staff, diverse training sites, fantastic attendings.
What you love most about Minnesota: The State Fair (and all the breweries).

Robert Sjoholm, MD
Medical Resident

Hometown: Danderyd, Sweden; Burnsville, MN
Undergrad: Hope College in Holland, MI - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Medical School: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Professional Interests: Neurorehabilitation (e.g. stroke and spinal cord injury), spasticity management, pain medicine, medical humanities, research/innovation
Why you chose Minnesota: Depth and variety of opportunities in neurorehabilitation, program director/faculty/residents, proximity to family/friends.
What you love most about Minnesota: Everything outdoors (e.g. cross-country skiing, mountain biking, kayaking, camping/hiking), the change in seasons, the plethora of great things to do with our daughter, and all Minnesota sports teams.


Mahmood Alatbee, MBChB
Medical Resident

Hometown: Basrah, Iraq
Undergrad: Arabic Board of Medical Specialities of Family Medicine Basrah, Iraq
Med school: Babylon University College of Medicine, Iraq
Professional Interests: Pediatrics rehabilitation medicine and global physiatry
What you love most about Minnesota: Spending time outdoors in parks and around lakes in Minnesota!

David Balser, MD
Medical Resident

Hometown: Augusta, GA
Undergrad: Georgia Institute of Technology
Medical School: New York University
Professional Interests: New technologies in rehabilitation, Evidence Based Medicine, Therapeutic recreation
Why you chose Minnesota: Friendly, goodhearted, and optimistic people and a thorough experience in Veteran centered care.
What you love most about Minnesota: The willingness to share experiences and support with one another regardless of background or station. Also, state fair pork chops on a stick.

Joseph Benert, MD
Medical Resident

Hometown: Stillwater, MN
Undergrad: University of Wisconsin - Madison
Medical School: Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine
Professional Interests: Concussion, (Pediatric) Sports medicine
Why you chose Minnesota: I felt welcomed to the program, even as a visiting medical student. I liked that the program provides opportunities to train in a variety of hospital settings - academic, county, VA, pediatrics. There's support for residents to pursue their interests; if you can dream it the program will let you chase it. Throw in the opportunity to come home, and it made perfect sense.
What you love most about Minnesota: We get all four seasons, and there's so much to do in all of them. My wife and I personally enjoy camping on one of the many lakes, biking throughout the Twin Cities, driving "up north" to see the fall colors, and pulling out our ice skates all winter.

Juan Querubin, DO
Medical Resident

Hometown: Manila, Philippines
Undergrad: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, Minneapolis, MN
Med school: Lincoln Memorial University-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine
Professional interests: Physician Leadership, Palliative Care, MSK, Interventional Pain, SCI
Why you chose Minnesota: Nearly all of my physiatry mentors graduated from this residency program. It has an amazing roster of excellent PM&R clinician and researcher alumni, and I wanted to become a product of similar training. Residents rotate through academic, community, and VA and I believe experience in these diverse training sites will help inform how I formulate my ideal practice.
What you love most about Minnesota: There's a lot to do all year round with the four seasons, and proximity to family is very nice since MN is home to both my wife and I. 

Jonathan Reisman, DO
Medical Resident

Hometown: Elizabeth, NJ
Undergrad: Yeshiva University 
Medical School: Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine
Professional Interests: Pain and Sports Medicine. In particular, I am interested in treatment that combines the physical and spiritual/mental domains.
Why I chose Minnesota: This program is extremely academic and family-oriented.
What I love most about Minnesota: I love how clean and beautiful it is.


Ovuokerie Addoh, MD, PhD
Medical Resident

Hometown: Delta State, Nigeria
Undergrad/Medical school: Oba Okunade Sijuade College of Health Sciences, Igbinedion University Okada, Nigeria
Graduate: PhD Health & Kinesiology: University of Mississippi
Professional Interests: General rehabilitation with an emphasis in cardiopulmonary & stroke rehab, EMG, and adaptive sports/Invictus games©; translational physical activity behavior research; health equity; academic PM&R
Why you chose Minnesota: I had a great experience interviewing with the PMR program at UM and felt like I connected well with the program’s structure, faculty, staff, and residents. It was the best fit for me and my wife!
What you love most about Minnesota: “Winter Is Coming.”

John Casnovsky, DO
Medical Resident

Hometown: Sussex, WI
Undergrad: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Medical School: Kansas City University
Professional Interests: General Rehab, Spinal Cord Injury, Pain Medicine
Why you chose Minnesota: I chose Minnesota because of the diverse patient population, supportive faculty, and the family atmosphere of the program.
What you love most about Minnesota: Being close to family, weekends on a patio, and attending MN sporting events.

Nicholas Peterson, MD
Medical Resident

Hometown: Hastings, MN
Undergrad: University of Wisconsin - Madison
Medical School: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Professional Interests: Spinal cord injury and interventional spine
Why you chose Minnesota: Professional connections and the personality of the program.
What you love most about Minnesota: The boundary waters, the people and the breweries.

Akhil Shori, MD
Medical Resident

Hometown: Chandigarh, India
Undergrad: Army School Western Command, India
Medical School: College of Medical Sciences, Bharatpur, Nepal
Professional Interests: Interventional pain, sports medicine, research in exoskeletons, wearable orthosis and assistive devices in Spinal cord injury patients
Why you chose Minnesota: The PM&R program at the University of Minnesota provides well-rounded training at multiple sites with different patient populations. Being at Minnesota felt like being at home.
What you love most about Minnesota: It is an amazing city with warm people, diversity, trails, lakes, and breweries.

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