Program Activities


A lecture is held one half-day each week at which time, residents are excused from site responsibilities. Lecture topics vary from week to week, but center around topics related to physiatry.

Journal Club

Journal Club occurs on a monthly basis. Each resident leads one Journal Club session annually where they discuss two journal articles of their choice. Fellow residents and faculty members attend these sessions to add additional input and perspective.

Resident Seminars

These seminars are completed by each resident one time per year. Residents review a pertinent topic in PM&R and present to fellow residents and staff.

Metro Rehab

Metro Rehab serves as PM&R's grand rounds. Each presentation is approximately 30 minutes. These educational sessions occur quarterly and each resident presents one time per year. Residents present cases and lead discussions pertinent to current topics in PM&R. Limited case information is presented, then discussion facilitated to elicit opinions regarding additional evaluation needed, differential diagnosis, intervention options, etc. At the conclusion of the discussion, residents provide a brief summary of the literature relevant to the case.

Scholarly Activity Requirement

Scholarly activity is required during the residency program. This requirement can be met by preparing a chapter or review article for submission to a journal; submission of a manuscript for publication; a research project; a local, regional, or national presentation; a case report or series presented as a poster or platform presentation at a national meeting. PGY-3 and PGY-4 residents have dedicated time to work on scholarly activities.

Self-Assessment Exam (SAE)

The National PM&R SAE is given annually. Typically the exam is administered in January. All PGY-2 to PGY-4 residents are required to take the SAE exam annually.

Continuity Clinic

Continuity Clinic occurs every other Thursday afternoon during the PGY-3 year and PGY-4 year.

Professional Development

The program supports residents interested in participating in national organizations, conferences and events nationwide.