The Spinal Cord Injury Medicine Fellowship is an ACGME-accredited, 12-month fellowship program designed to train academic, specialty-trained spinal cord injury physicians to provide the highest level of medical and rehabilitation care and advance the frontiers of spinal cord injury medicine through research and education. The fellowship is sponsored by the University of Minnesota’s Department of Rehabilitation Medicine. The fellowship works collaboratively with the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute - Abbott Northwestern Hospital, and Gillette Children's Hospital to provide a comprehensive educational experience. 

Patient Demographics

Our program provides opportunities to care for patients of all ages with an emphasis on the concept of lifelong care, including end of life. The Minneapolis VAMC serves as the “hub,” where care is provided for veterans from all over the Midwest region.

Conditions Treated

Fellows encounter a broad range of conditions in spinal cord injury medicine in inpatient and outpatient settings. Common diagnoses include: traumatic spinal cord injury, spinal cord disorders such as MS, ALS, infections, infarcts, tumors and myelopathy, and pediatric conditions such as spina bifida. Fellows will master care of the multitude of complications secondary to spinal cord injury, such as autonomic dysregulation, neurogenic bowel and bladder, sexual dysfunction, and overuse injuries.

Procedural Components

Fellows are exposed to comprehensive spasticity management including intrathecal baclofen therapy, botulinum toxin and phenol injections and joint injections. Opportunities are available to advance EMG skills and to encounter cystoscopy and urodynamic testing for neurogenic bladder, flap surgeries, ITB test dose trials, and implants.

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Program Aims

  • Recruit strong candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences looking to further their skills and training to become exceptional SCI physicians
  • Provide trainees with an intellectual environment conducive to acquiring the knowledge, skills, clinical judgment and attitudes that are essential to SCI medicine

Sites and Rotations

Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Regions Hospital | HealthPartners | Hennepin County Medical Center

  • Acute traumatic SCI inpatient consultations
  • Inpatient experience
  • Outpatient experience
  • Didactics

Gillette Children's Hospital

  • Pediatric outpatient experience
  • Intrathecal baclofen pump management

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute

  • Inpatient experience
  • Outpatient opportunities
  • Activity-Based Locomotor Exercise (ABLE) Program

Program & Policy Manuals

For information that applies to all fellows in a training program at the University of Minnesota, consult the Institution Policy Manual. Information in this manual takes precedence over the Program Manual in cases where there is conflict.

Spinal Cord Injury Medicine Fellowship Manual


Dr. Mandy DeRasmi
Spinal Cord Injury Fellowship Director

Mailing Address

Spinal Cord Injury Medicine Fellowship Program
420 Delaware Street SE
MMC 297
Minneapolis, MN 55455