Brain Injury Medicine

The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine sponsors an ACGME-accredited Brain Injury Medicine Fellowship. The purpose of the fellowship is to provide comprehensive training for the evaluation and management of brain injuries across the entire spectrum of care from point of injury through rehabilitation; as well as across all types and severity of injuries.

Pain Medicine

The Pain Medicine Fellowship provides fellows with advanced knowledge and skills in managing patients in pain. Across the multiple training sites within the program, fellows are exposed to a diverse environment of multidisciplinary pain management, where training and staff clinicians from many specialties work together.

Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine

The Gillette Children’s Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine Fellowship is designed to train academic pediatric physiatrists who will provide the highest level of clinical care. The main training site is Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare, a world-class facility serving the needs of people with childhood-onset disabilities. 

Spinal Cord Injury Medicine

The Department of Rehabilitation sponsors an ACGME-accredited Spinal Cord Injury Medicine Fellowship.  The mission of the Spinal Cord Injury Medicine Fellowship is to provide trainees with an intellectual environment conducive to acquiring the knowledge, skills, clinical judgment and attitudes that are essential for becoming an exceptional Spinal Cord Injury Medicine physician.

Sports Medicine

We're excited to introduce a dedicated position for a physiatrist in the UMN Sports Medicine Fellowship Program. This position is a partnership between the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine and Department of Family Medicine. Training physicians in the field of sports medicine since 1987, the program is dedicated to the advancement of the specialty through education, research, and clinical work.