The University of Minnesota Medical School offers a range of medical student clerkships in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation.

There are a variety of clerkships available throughout the year, with varying lengths and focuses. Please view the course descriptions in the Medical Education PM&R section for more information.

PMED 7413 - Rehabilitation Medicine for Adults (Virtual Offering)

This innovative four-week virtual elective is centered on learner engagement, simulation of clinical experiences, and the importance of building relationships with faculty and residents. Medical students will virtually follow standardized patients from consultation to discharge and participate in interactive journal clubs, lectures, and didactic education with faculty and residents via Zoom daily. The live education is supplemented with an entire library of video presentations built by residents, department and affiliate faculty across the Twin Cities. This virtual curriculum provides students a quality, robust, learning experience that serves as a great introduction to the field of PM&R.

Apply for this virtual elective via VSAS.

Visiting medical students

The University of Minnesota welcomes visiting students, as capacity allows, who are interested in learning more about our specialty and program. A VSAS application is required. Visit the Medical School’s Visiting Students page for more information.

International medical students

International medical students are usually not accepted unless a formal agreement exists between their medical school and the University of Minnesota Medical School.

Medical schools that have a majority of U.S. citizens as students are not considered international medical schools by the University of Minnesota Medical School. For a list of medical schools with which the University of Minnesota has formal agreements, visit the International Medical Education & Research Program Office website or e-mail the staff at

Clerkship openings

You can find course options on the U of M Medical Education website. Select the “Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMed) courses” link. Once the courses are listed, select the course of interest and you will be brought to a course description. The course availability can be found by selecting the appropriate academic year hyperlink, located near the top of the page, below the course number and title.

Student Interest Group

Our Student Interest Group is led by an active group of medical students who organize informative and engaging events for medical students. For more information, please reach out to the medical student coordinator, Jessica DeVries, Program Coordinator, at

PM&R Interest Group

The Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Interest Group allows students to get involved and learn more about the PM&R specialty. The group's mission is to educate medical students about the specialty through expert lectures, hands-on workshops, and clinical opportunities. They are continuously working to increase disability awareness among medical students.



Jessica DeVries
Program Coordinator