Our mission is to help families heal children who are adopted, in foster care and advocate for those remaining in institutional care throughout the world.

The Adoption Medicine Clinic (AMC) at University of Minnesota is an outpatient clinic serving families with children in foster care and those adopted domestically and internationally. Founded in 1986, our clinic is a global leader in adoption medicine, research, education and advocacy. Our providers have completed over 30,000 pre-adoption reviews for children in over 40 countries. We specialize in addressing the comprehensive medical, developmental, and mental health needs of children who have experienced early adversity from lack of permanency, trauma, abuse and neglect.

Our expertise in research, teaching, and advocacy guides the way we tailor clinical care to meet the evolving needs of these children. 

Pioneering medicine around the world for children without parental care, the AMC was founded as a response to the influx of international adoptees entering the United States. Through largescale clinical studies, we published groundbreaking research on the health care of children who were found to have unique physical and therapeutic needs due to a history that had often included institutional care and neglect. 

Over time it became clear that children who experience foster care shared many of the same needs so we expanded our care. That expansion is partially funded through a grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services. We now provide preadoption consultation, medical review, travel counseling, and comprehensive foster and post-adoption care.

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