Educating the next generation of physicians and psychologists is a priority for our program. As one of the only rotations in the country that teaches about early trauma and recovery of children that have been adopted or placed in foster care, the need to increase education in this area is essential to spread knowledge about this underserved population. Our long-term goal is to continue collaborations around the world and to build a world class, accessible program that can reach vulnerable children within our scope- an innovative center with additional mental health, clinical care, rehabilitative services and integrative medicine services for children with early trauma, early malnutrition, prenatal exposures and transitions.

Residents & Postdoctoral Fellows/Associates

We offer an elective rotation for residents and postdoctoral fellows/associates within or associated with the University of Minnesota. Interested in working on a multidisciplinary team and learning more about how to care for those who have experienced early childhood adversities? Contact your program coordinator to assist in scheduling a rotation at our clinic! Please note, clinics occur on Monday mornings and all day Wednesdays and observation in our clinic is a requirement for this rotation. 

Medical & Graduate Students

For medical and graduate students we offer opportunities to observe our team in clinic. Interested in seeing how a multidisciplinary team functions and learning more about our program and caring for those who have experienced early childhood adversities? Please note, clinics occur on Monday afternoon and all day Wednesday. We can accommodate half day or full day clinic observations. 

Contact  to learn more about an elective rotation or to schedule a clinic observation.