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Travel Assistance

In efforts to reduce financial barriers for families seeking medical care at the University of Minnesota Adoption Medicine Clinic (AMC), our program now provides some travel assistance to eligible patients being seen for Comprehensive Child Wellness Assessments (CCWA) or associated follow-up appointments. 

Who is eligible?
Both families in the state of Minnesota and out-of-state with a financial need at the time of their child's CCWA or associated follow-up appointment can be eligible for travel assistance. Income status will be considered when assessing need, however, families can qualify for assistance based on other factors that are impacting a family's current financial stability.

How does a family request assistance?
Families requesting assistance must contact at least 4 weeks prior to their scheduled appointment. Families requesting reimbursement will be required to meet virtually through a video meeting or by phone with an AMC staff member to discuss their financial need prior to their appointment at the AMC. If a family qualifies for assistance, a reimbursement check will be sent 3-4 weeks after a completed appointment. Families will not receive reimbursement for travel related expenses incurred on appointments that they cancel or no-show.

Reimbursable expenses could include:

  • Gas mileage for ground transportation to and from an AMC appointment
  • Fees for taxi or app-based transportation to and from an AMC appointment
  • Hotel/Lodging
  • Airfare (out-of-state only)

Any travel assistance provided for mileage and hotels will follow Minnesota GSA per diem rates and standard practices. Items eligible for Minnesota Medical Assistance (MA) reimbursement will not be able to be reimbursed by the AMC. Travel assistance is made possible through grant funding provided by the Minnesota Department of Human Services Division of Child Safety & Permanency, as well as the generosity of grateful families.