The Adoption Medicine Clinic was founded in 1986 and originally focused on the needs of children who were adopted from abroad. Since that time, we have found in research and in practice that the needs for internationally adopted children were similar to those children who were in the foster care system and/or adopted domestically. 

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Preadoption Consultation

The preadoption consultation is a 1-hour informal, informative appointment with an AMC physician to discuss diagnoses listed on a medical checklist or general questions while still considering next best steps in the adoption process.

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Preadoption Medical Review

The preadoption medical review is a full review of a specific child’s file that is being considered for adoption. Follow-up and updates for this specific child will be continued with our team until a family obtains legal guardianship of the child.

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Clinical Care

Our healthcare team consists of pediatricians, psychologists and occupational therapists. We work together to provide comprehensive clinical care to children who are adopted domestically, internationally or in foster care. We offer both telehealth and in-person clinic appointments.

Clinical Services Provided:
  • Comprehensive Child Wellness Assessments (CCWA)
  • Child Development, Transition and Mental Health
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Screening
  • Follow-up Care, Prevention & Intervention

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Post Placement Parent & Caregiver Coaching

Adoption specialist, Dr. Kimara Gustafson will meet 1-on-1 with parents or caregivers to discuss methods for creating better alignment with their child, navigating past traumas, managing sensory or behavioral challenges, navigating transitions in care, supporting transracial or transcultural family structures, or maintaining relationships with biological family members. 

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