Dr. Gustafson with child 1


The Adoption Medicine Clinic was founded in 1986 and originally focused on the needs of children who were adopted from abroad. Since that time, we have found in research and in practice that the needs for internationally adopted children were similar to those children who were in the foster care system and/or adopted domestically. 

Our preadoption consultation process is modified to meet the needs of parents considering adoption from the domestic system, as well as from abroad. We also review preadoption referrals of specific birth family and/or child information prior to your deciding whether you are meant to be together in a family.

If you have adopted a child either domestically or internationally or are currently fostering a child here in the USA, we offer medical, developmental and psychological assessments.

We feel that the issues and challenges of domestic adoptions are similar to international adoptions. We hope to serve as a resource to any family that is in the adoption process.