YOU can change the lives of children!

With nearly 35 million children in the USA who have experienced childhood trauma, there is an urgent need to understand and treat the children in our community. With your support, we can help prevent and minimize long-term developmental and mental health challenges facing children who experience early adversity and trauma. Through collaborative efforts and partnerships, we can raise up a generation of children to create healthy adults, families and communities in the future.

When you give...

When you give to support adoption medicine, you improve the development and mental health outcomes for internationally and domestically adopted children and their families.

When you give to support international clinical services and advocacy, your generosity provides medical care for orphans with special needs who have never seen a doctor, and it allows us to educate officials and caregivers caring for children with syndromes such as cerebral palsy and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

When you give to support research, you improve the lives of thousands of children. Research informs the evaluation and treatment of children in low-income areas, globally as well as in the US, who all share similar risk factors.

AMC Patient-Family Support Fund

The Adoption Medicine Clinic is one of the only clinics in the nation that provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary medical care to children that have been adopted or who have experienced out of home placement, such as foster, kinship or institutional care. The AMC Patient-Family Support Fund helps reduced financial barriers and provide travel assistance to patients seeking critical healthcare at the Adoption Medicine Clinic.

Reduce Barriers to Healthcare Today

AMC Research, Education & Advocacy Fund

To better the health of all children that have experienced trauma and adverse experiences, efforts towards research, education and advocacy are critical. By supporting the AMC Research, Education and Advocacy fund, you will help us train the next generation medical professionals and parents to be equipped in caring for the unique needs of children that have been adopted or experienced foster care. 

Help Train the Next Generation of Medical Providers & Caregivers

Dana Johnson Society

Today there are more than 15,000 children in the foster care system in Minnesota and 140 million children considered orphans, around the world. These children have experienced childhood trauma and can greatly benefit from the comprehensive care that the AMC has to offer. With greater awareness of racial and socioeconomic disparities, it is more important than ever to expand our efforts to improve the health of children who are adopted and in foster care. By being a Dana Johnson Society member, you play an integral part in our ability to raise funds to support cutting edge research and expand our impact across the globe.

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AMC General Fund

The Adoption Medicine Clinic is primarily supported through grant funding and the generosity of grateful families. This support allows us to maintain our multidisciplinary team, which we have found is the best way to care for the children that we serve. Recurring monthly or annual donations are much appreciated as it provides stability of the services we offer. 

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