Child Development, Transition and Mental Health

Dr. Kroupina and child
In collaboration with the Birth to Three Clinic, the Adoption Medicine Clinic is pleased to offer services that help your family transition, promote attachment and decrease mental health risks.
The Birth to Three program targets the parent-child relationship as a means toward healing the child's previous trauma and allowing them to develop to their full potential.
The Birth to Three Clinic offers four types of services for Adoptive Families:
1. Transition visit for newly adopted children
Schedule within two months of the initial medical visit to the Adoption Clinic; we focus on building a healthy parent-child relationship.
2. Developmental assessment
Schedule one-year, post-adoption, to address whether your child requires extra help in order to reach her full potential.
3. Special concerns visit
Schedule any time, to address your questions about transition issues or behavioral and emotional concerns.
4. Intervention program
For children with multiple developmental and mental health needs.
Many Benefits
Children who experience early-life adverse environments, such as orphanage care, multiple transitions, caregiver loss, war-time trauma, violence, food insecurity or other tramatic experiences, are at risk for long-term neurodevelopmental and mental health issues. We know that the relationships between a child and parent serve as protective factors for the rest of the child's life, minimizing the risk or severity of future developmental and mental health issues.

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