Our Current Residents

Class of 2024
Photo of Hunter Archibald

Hunter Archibald, MD

Hometown: West Newbury, MA

Medical School: Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Research & Awards: Pediatric head and neck cancer, HNSCC and Fanconi Anemia, Facial plastic and reconstructive research AOA, CWRU flag football champion 2017

Medical Interests: Head and neck cancer, facial reconstruction

Hobbies: Sailing, running, reading

What made you want to become a doctor? Helping others

What made you interested in ENT/Otolaryngology? Head and neck anatomy, head and neck reconstruction, care for cancer patients

Why did you choose the U of MN? Diverse training and the people

Photo of Whitney Chiao

Whitney Chiao, MD

Hometown: Fremont, CA

Medical School: University of California San Francisco Medical School

Research & Awards:

Research Publications: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=Chiao%2C+Whitney%5BAuthor%5D&sort= 

Notable projects:

  1. "The Role of Healthcare Disparities and Impact on Outcomes in Head and Neck Cancer Patients." Oral presentation at the AHNS 11th International Conference on Head and Neck Cancer, Móntreal, Canada, July 2023
  2. "Effect of Lateral Tarsal Strip Canthoplasty on Horizontal Palpebral Aperture." Presented at AAFPRS Annual Meeting Sept. 2020. Awarded 1st place at Minnesota Academy of Otolaryngology Resident Research Poster Symposium, January 2021.
  3. "Trends in sleep studies performed for Medicare beneficiaries." COSM 2017 2nd Combined Poster Section, awarded 1st place in poster section

Medical Interests: Clinical outcomes, medical education

Hobbies: Running, watercolor painting, learning new languages 

What made you want to become a doctor? Prior to pursuing medicine, I worked in the public sector with underserved communities. This revealed to me the existing disparities in access to health, motivating me to pursue medicine.

What made you interested in ENT/Otolaryngology? As a first year medical student, I had a research opportunity in Otolaryngology. I also shadowed in the clinic and the operating room, where one of the first cases I saw was a hypoglossal nerve stimulator implant. I appreciated the intricacies and anatomy of the surgeries, as well as the spectrum of medical and surgical management.

Why did you choose the U of MN? The mentorship, multiple training sites, and breadth of operative experience. The number of residents who have returned as faculty at the University of Minnesota or adjunct sites are a testament to that!

Photo of Ebone Evans

Ebone Evans, MD

Photo of Rachel McCabe

Rachel McCabe, MD

Class of 2025
Photos of Chelsea Gelboin-Burkhart, MD

Chelsea Gelboin-Burkhart, MD

Hometown: San Diego

Medical School: Stony Brook University 

Research & Awards: Wound healing, Tobacco and antioxidants; Wound healing and cellular senescence (Funded by CORE Otolaryngology Research Award 2023-2024); Genomics of head and neck cancer, novel therapeutics

Medical Interests: Head and neck cancer treatment, microvascular reconstruction, psychosocial impact of cancer, management of psychiatric comorbidities, endocrine surgery, voice outcomes, endolaryngeal surgery, subglottic stenosis

Hobbies: salsa dancing, singing, violin and viola, watercolor painting, hiking, traveling, tasting menus, animals of all variety

What made you want to become a doctor? My grandfather, a scientist inspired me to pursue biology and I chose medicine to combine my passion for research with human interaction, thus achieving a greater understanding of both!

What made you interested in ENT/Otolaryngology? As a musician and singer growing up, I was initially drawn to ENT due to my interest in voice as well as the large number of pediatric patients we care for. I loved the wide variety of surgical techniques, medical disciplines and patient populations we see. I have since developed a passion for caring for patients with cancer, and love all that is head and neck surgery. 

Why did you choose the U of MN? The number of basic science opportunities and the 6 month research block, the variety of clinical sites with varying experiences including VA/county hospital and two children's hospitals. Overall, I knew the UMN had the breadth and depth of training to prepare me for whatever career I eventually chose to pursue. 

Photo of Autefeh Sajjadi, MD

Autefeh Sajjadi, MD

Hometown: San Jose, California

Medical School: Creighton University School of Medicine

Research & Awards: Majority of my research and prior grants focus on bridging gaps in access and healthcare inequity.

Medical Interests: Ears, Noses, & Throats

Hobbies: Reading, Drinking Boba, and most adventure sports.

What made you want to become a doctor? I had previously worked in non-profits to help identify healthcare inequities and felt inspired to switch it up and become a physician to help in a different manner.

What made you interested in ENT/Otolaryngology? Same reason most people do- I really loved the intricacy of head & neck anatomy and thought the surgeries were very cool.
Why did you choose the U of MN? We work with some of the best faculty around, are trained in the full breadth of ENT, and get a wide variety of practice types, hospital systems and patient populations.

Why did you choose the U of MN? We work with some of the best faculty around, are trained in the full breadth of ENT, and get a wide variety of practice types, hospital systems and patient populations.

Photo of M Tolan

McKenzie Tolan, MD

Class of 2026
Photo of Cynthia Koenigsberg, MD

Cynthia Koenigsberg, MD


Hometown: Farmington, MN

Medical School: University of Minnesota

Research & Awards:


  • Koenigsberg CK, Van Heest T, Zavala H, Chinnadurai S, Roby BB. Cost Analysis of Follow-Up Care for Pediatric Facial Dog Bites. Facial Plastic Surg Aesthetic Med. 2023 May-Jun;25(3):269-270. doi: 10.1089/fpsam.2021.0121. PMID: 36149681
  • Koenigsberg C, Ondrey FG. Genomic Database Analysis for Head and Neck Cancer Prevention Targets: MTOR Signal Transduction Pathway. Anticancer Res. 2020 Oct;40(10):5417-5421. doi: 10.21873/anticanres.14551. PMID: 32988862


  • 2021 - University of Minnesota Medical School Honors
  • 2015 - David Estervig Top Biochemistry Student Award

Medical Interests: My current interests are primarily anterior skull base and sinus surgery but I'm still keeping an open mind!

Hobbies: Intramural Sports, Concerts, Running, Baking, Thrifting

What made you want to become a doctor? I enjoyed science and working with people, and was interested in a career that would involve life-long learning and teaching others. I also really enjoy working with my hands which is what ultimately led me to a career in surgery.

What made you interested in ENT/Otolaryngology? In anatomy lab, I was fascinated by the intricate and detailed anatomy involved in ENT. On  my ENT rotations, I saw this translate into challenging and intricate life-changing surgeries. Finally, ENT surgeons are some of the happiest and friendliest surgeons in the hospital!

Why did you choose the U of MN? I chose Minnesota primarily because of the culture of mutual support, collegiality, and fun that I saw amongst the residents when I did my ENT rotations here. This program also offers terrific training and experience and I knew I would be well-trained once it is time to enter the workforce.

Photo of Alec Straughan, MD

Alec Straughan, MD


Hometown: Seattle, WA

Medical School: George Washington University

Research & Awards: Interests include acute & chronic rhinosinusitis, oral cancer carcinogenesis

Medical Interests: Sinus & skull base surgery, facial reconstruction, functional septorhinoplasty

Hobbies: Running, hanging with my doodle Loki, latest Netflix docu-series

What made you want to become a doctor? Developing authentic and meaningful patient relationships, intellectual curiosity, strong sense of collegiality within departments and nationally

What made you interested in ENT/Otolaryngology? Intricate anatomy, technical skills, cool instrumentation in clinic and OR

Why did you choose the U of MN? Wonderful people, hands-on experience, depth in every specialty, research opportunities particularly in my clinical area of interest

Photo of Lydia Weykamp, MD

Lydia Weykamp, MD


Hometown: Grand Haven, MI

Medical School: University of Virginia

Research & Awards: Eye tracking software applied to pediatric facial scars and surgical proficiency in the OR, First impressions of patients with unilateral facial paralysis 

Hobbies: Fly fishing, triathlons, hiking, skiing, ice cream

What made you want to become a doctor? Getting to help people when they are at their most vulnerable state - it's a privilege that I've been reminded of countless times in residency. 

What made you interested in ENT/Otolaryngology? We do the coolest surgeries in the hospital without a doubt. Even our "bread & butter" cases have huge impacts on patients' lives - giving them the ability to hear or breathe again. There is so much diversity in our field that allows you to find something you feel really passionate about. 

Why did you choose the U of MN? Minnesota has the best mix of surgical diversity, volume, and nice people. We get to operate at 7 hospitals in the Twin Cities which allows us to learn from so many different staff, and see a variety of patient populations. Our staff and co-residents are super down to earth and supportive. There's also plenty of things to do outside of work in all seasons of the year. 

Class of 2027
Photo of Stacey Bjorgaard

Stacey Bjorgaard

Bridget Ebert

Bridget Ebert, MD


Hometown: Columbia Heights, MN

Medical School: University of Minnesota

Research & Awards: List of publications can be found here: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=Ebert%2C+Bridget%5BAuthor%5D&sort=


  • Undergraduate: CRC Undergraduate Chemistry Research Award; Distinguished Service Award (CSB Chemistry Department); WCLA National Championship All-Tournament Team (women's lacrosse)
  • Medical School: Eivind Hoff Medical Student Award (UMN Department of Otolaryngology); Melvin Sigel Medical Student Award (UMN Department of Otolaryngology); Gold Humanism Honor Society

Medical Interests: Otolaryngology

Hobbies: Racquet sports, coaching/playing lacrosse, scuba diving, hiking, any winter activity (snowshoeing, skiing, hockey),  petting dogs, spending time with friends and family
What made you want to become a doctor?

I love science, problem-solving, and working with people. I enjoy working on a team and wanted to spend my life serving others, so a career in medicine was a perfect fit. 

What made you interested in ENT/Otolaryngology? While working as a volunteer at Children's Minnesota after my freshman year of college, I met a pediatric otolaryngologist named Dr. Jim Sidman who encouraged me to pursue medicine and was an incredible mentor. This was how I was introduced to ENT, and the spark never faded. Among many things, I enjoy the patient relationships, surgical depth/breadth, impact on quality of life, and collegiality of the field. Hands down the best specialty with the best people.

Why did you choose the U of MN? There are so many reasons I love this place. Outstanding faculty, culture, residents, training, and surgical experience. The faculty model who I want to become - excellent surgeons and even better people. I feel extremely supported by the program in both my career goals and personal life. If I had to repeat the application process, I would still choose UMN every time. 

Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher, MD


Hometown: Baltimore

Medical School: Columbia University

Research & Awards:

  • Gallagher L, Diop M, Olson E, Time-domain and frequency-domain effects of tensor tympani contraction on middle ear sound transmission in gerbil, Hearing Research, Volume 405, 2021
  • London AO, Gallagher L, Sharma RK, Spielman D, Golub JS, Overdevest JB, Yan CH, DeConde A, Gudis DA. Impact of Race, Ethnicity, and Socioeconomic Status on Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Disease-Specific and Conditional Survival. J Neurol Surg B Skull Base. 2021 Dec 29;83(5):451-460. 
  • Gallagher L, Pandrangi V, MacArthur C, Large Cervicofacial Vascular Anomaly, a Difficult Case: Is This a NICH?. Journal of Vascular Anomalies 3(4):p e051, December 2022. 
  • Gary JB, Gallagher L, Joseph PV, Reed D, Gudis DA, Overdevest JB. Qualitative Olfactory Dysfunction and COVID-19: An Evidence-Based Review with Recommendations for the Clinician. Am J Rhinol Allergy. 2023 Jan;37(1):95-101.
  • Gallagher, L., Ray, A., & Gudis, D. (2023). Chapter: Congenital Encephaloceles. In E. C. Kuan, B. A. Tajudeen, H. R. Djalilian, & H. W. Lin (Eds.), Skull base reconstruction management of cerebrospinal fluid leaks and skull base defects, Springer International Publishing
  • Gallagher, L., Todatry, S., Oldenburg, K., Misono, S. and Gray, R. (2023), Endoscopic treatment of subglottic stenosis with flexible bronchoscopy via laryngeal mask airway. The Laryngoscope.

Awards: Stephanie Liem Azar Memorial Award 2022

Medical Interests: Surgical sustainability

Hobbies: Skiing and biking of all varieties

What made you want to become a doctor? To have the opportunity to help people with things that matter to them with a set of physical skills.

What made you interested in ENT/Otolaryngology? In OHNS, we help people with the way that they perceive and interact with the world.

Why did you choose the U of MN? Superb clinical and surgical training. Also, the vibes.

Friederike Luetzenberg

Friederike Luetzenberg, MD

Photo of Elizabeth Kim

Elizabeth Kim, MD


Hometown: Fairmont, MN

Medical School: University of Minnesota Medical School

Research & Awards: Alpha Omega Alpha

Medical Interests: Art of medicine in reflective writing

Hobbies: Running, quality time with family and friends

What made you want to become a doctor? My dad is a surgeon. I am grateful for my parents' teamwork and example of serving a community well together. I likewise wanted to pursue a career that involved helping others and lifelong learning.

What made you interested in ENT/Otolaryngology? Storytelling is a unique gift that distinguishes the human experience. Otolaryngologists are surgeons that have opportunities to play integral roles in patients’ abilities to share their narratives. 

Why did you choose the U of MN? UMN's ENT program provides excellent training opportunities from talented, kind, thoughtful staff with an encouraging resident team. Also, MN is home. My closest support system is here. 

Class of 2028
Photo of Hans Baertsch

Hans Baertsch, MD


Hometown: Duluth, MN

Medical School: Keck School of Medicine, USC

Research & Awards: Before residency, I studied laryngeal innervation with nerve conduction studies, worked on quantifying vocal cord changes in the aging larynx, and investigated methods for stimulating vestibular hair cell regeneration by converting Type II to type I hair cells.

Going forward, I am interested in facial nerve reinnervation and reanimation, laryngeal nerve reinnervation, the role of palliative care in head and neck surgery, and medical device applications within otolaryngology, among other things.

Medical Interests: It's all interesting! I am interested in reconstructive surgery so inclined toward Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery or head and neck surgery.

Hobbies: Skiing, Ski mountaineering, Climbing, Sailing, Fly fishing, Yoga... Adventuring in general!

What made you want to become a doctor? The opportunity to engage with people in the full range of the human experience, from birth to death, from the best moments to the worst, and to have the opportunity to improve that experience for people. The intersection of science, innovation, psychology, spirituality, and implementation of technical skills and creativity is amazing.

What made you interested in ENT/Otolaryngology? The nature of working in the head and neck which is critical for how people experience the world as it involves breathing, communication, eating, senses, and aesthetics. Also the types of pathologies, surgeries, technologies and patients are so varied. There is a lot of room for innovation.

Why did you choose the U of MN? Well rounded training with high operative volume and amazing mentors which opens doors for any future career path you could want. I was struck by how the staff took interest in and emphasized supporting my goals even in the interview. I felt really aligned with the people here - hardworking and ambitious but also very kind and generate a real sense of family. Plus Minnesota is home and I was ready to come back after many years away.

Photo of Ryan Sabotin

Ryan Sabotin, MD


Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa

Medical School: University of Iowa

Medical Interests: All aspects of ENT so far!

Hobbies: Playing cards with my family, watching soccer on the weekends, exploring small towns with my partner, and anything that involves a patio. 

What made you want to become a doctor? Because it is one of the coolest jobs a person can have! Being able to think critically and creatively while trying to improve the lives of your patients can be incredibly rewarding. 

What made you interested in ENT/Otolaryngology? The complex anatomy and wide variety within the field got me interested in ENT. In my biased opinion, the coolest procedures performed in the hospital are with ENT. 

Why did you choose the U of MN? I chose the U of MN program because of the amazing faculty and residents, with the ability to train at multiple different hospitals in Minneapolis/St. Paul. The surgical and clinical training at the U of MN is superb, and everyone is very approachable and eager to teach! 

Photo of Jacqueline Tucker

Jacqueline Tucker, MD

Photo of KAtherine Xie

Katherine Xie, MD