How Do We Help? Evaluation & Treatment of Voice Disorders

Most voice disorders are not life-threatening. It is up to you whether to seek treatment for a voice disorder, depending on the extent of your voice impairment or discomfort. However, though you will not die from non-treatment of a voice disorder, it is still considered medically necessary to seek treatment. A normal sounding voice, free from discomfort or fatigue, is considered a normal function. If it is disordered, restoring it is medically necessary. Sometimes insurance companies will argue that point, but if they challenge it, your voice care professional will help you negotiate with them.

Treatment of a voice disorder should start with an evaluation from a voice care specialty team.

Your Voice Specialty Team at the Lions Voice Clinic

Laryngologists: Dr. George S. Goding, Dr. Stephanie Misono and Dr Raluca Gray

Laryngologists are otolaryngologists (also known as Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) physicians), who specialize in disorders and surgery of the larynx and upper airway.  

Speech-Language Pathologists: Dr. Deirdre D. Michael, Lisa Butcher, and Dan Weinstein

Although Speech-Language Pathologists are trained to evaluate and treat a wide array of disorders of human communication, as well as the organs involved in communication, our SLPs specialize in the voice and airway. All our SLPs are singers and singing teachers, and have a special interest in treating disorders in singers.

We all treat: 

  • Voice Disorders
  • Chronic cough, throat-clearing, and irritable larynx
  • Breathing disorders of the upper airway
  • Swallowing Disorders

To find a specialist on voice disorders in your area, please visit the National Voice Center Referral Database web site.