You and Your Voice

Are you a professional voice user?

At the Lions Voice Clinic, anyone who needs their voice in order to carry out their job is considered a professional voice user. Professional voice users are often also considered "athletic" voice users because their voice use is more extensive and strenuous than that of nonprofessional voice users.

Professional voice users include singers, actors, directors, teachers, clergy, salespersons, coaches, broadcasters, auctioneers…anyone with extensive voice use, and/or who needs high-quality voice to be successful in their job.

At The Lions Voice Clinic

At the Lions Voice Clinic, persons who use their voices like professional voice users, but in an avocational setting, are also considered professional voice users. Therefore, an individual who derives great personal satisfaction from singing in a church choir is treated with the same care as an elite professional singer, because the emotional effects of having problems with singing can be equally as devastating for the avocational voice user.

While we’re well situated to care for the most elite of performers, we have equal regard for all voice users.

Especially for the professional voice user, voice quality can be linked to self-esteem. We recognize that voice disorders can sometimes provoke extreme anxiety for an individual, especially if one's livelihood also depends on voice quality. We ensure sensitivity to the emotional, financial, and interpersonal needs of all our patients.

We are singers. We understand you.

Voice Care for the Vocal Athlete (and everyone else)

How can you keep your voice at its best?

The goal of voice treatment at the Lions Voice Clinic is to ensure that the individual can do everything with his or her voice that he or she desires, with the desired quality and comfort. Often, because a pattern of less-than-optimal voice use has created the problem in the first place, the professional voice user is better off after therapy than before the problem was first noticed.  An important component of optimal voice use is good VOCAL HYGIENE.

Though most people can get through life without ever thinking about vocal hygiene, individuals who put extra strain on their voices must keep their vocal mechanism in better condition. This can be especially true if an injury has occurred, even if the individual previously had no extraordinary voice needs.

Components of Vocal Hygiene


Vocal hygiene: The use and care of the human voice required to keep it healthy and functioning optimally.

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