Early Specialization in Interventional Radiology (ESIR) has been approved by the ACGME. The rationale of this program is to develop expertise in clinical management, in addition to providing greater procedural experience. Participation in this program allows the resident to receive credit for the first year of the Interventional Radiology-Independent program; thereby, completing training in six years.

Residents who are interested should contact both the Diagnostic Radiology and Interventional Radiology Program Directors via a brief letter stating their interest by April 1.

Interventional Radiology training includes exposure to a wide breadth and high volume of life-saving interventional vascular and oncologic procedures, as well as cutting-edge interventional treatments performed only at select highly experienced medical centers. In addition, residents learn how to image complicated vascular pathology using state-of-the-art scanners and protocols critical to guiding interventional management. Residents typically interpret more than 500 CT and MR angiography examinations by the end of their four years in diagnostic training.

ESIR Timeline

  1. Residents are notified of the number of available ESIR positions available per class following the match in mid-March. ESIR may not be an option for every residency class.
  2. Residents should contact the DR and IR program directors with a one paragraph letter of interest by April 1.
  3. Interested residents will be interviewed by a selection committee and assigned an IR rotation at UMMC early in their R2 year.
  4. Residents selected to participate in ESIR will be notified by October 1 of their R2 year.
  5. ESIR residents remain in and graduate from the DR program.


Diagnostic Residency Program Director
Tara Holm, MD

IR Independent Residency Program Director  
Donna D'Souza, MD

GME Program Administrator
Breckyn Avery