Previous PM&R Chief Resident, Dr. Amanda Day, spearheaded a fun initiative for the community to get to know our residents. The PM&R resident spotlight is on PGY2, Dr. Akhil Shori.

Where did you go to medical school? 
I did medical school from Nepal and was fortunate to finish Orthopaedic residency in India. It was a great learning experience.

What drew you to the field of PM&R? 
Seeing chronic back pain patients during my Orthopedic residency, with multiple back surgeries, residual pain, started me researching how to help these patients. That's where I found PM&R. Treating the patients in a multidisciplinary approach and tapering the management to individual patient needs is what attracted me the most. 

Why the University of Minnesota for your PM&R training? 
Coming to UMN for the Interview, I felt like it was a well-knit program and very homey. After completing one year here and seeing all the five sites where we train, I can say I have zero regrets for picking the program. All the different sites bring unique experiences, learning/research opportunities and prep us well for the future. And most importantly Dr. Tonkin (our PD) always takes care of all the residents.

What advice would you give a current applicant hoping to match PM&R? 
Learning is a lifelong process that never stops and if you really want to help patients by providing comprehensive care, PM&R is the right choice for you.

Four PM&R residents in Minneapolis at Stone Arch Bridge

What are your favorite things about the Twin Cities?
All the different lakeside restaurants, people, breweries and of course the beautiful stone arch bridge.

What are your interests within PM&R?
I am interested in Pain, MSK disorders with research interests in prehab.

What is a fun fact about yourself? 
I have played ping pong at state level back in India.

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