PM&R Chief Resident, Dr. Amanda Day, spearheaded a fun initiative for the community to get to know our residents. The PM&R resident spotlight is on PGY1, Dr. Grant Gustafson. 

Where did you go to medical school?
Kansas City University

What drew you to PM&R?
The focus on optimizing a patient's functional status and the wide variety of both diagnostic and therapeutic modalities we are trained in to achieve that goal. I’ve always enjoyed being a part of a team and knew I would enjoy working with other healthcare providers to create comprehensive treatment plans for our patients.

Dr. Gustafson examining a child's ear

Why the University of Minnesota for your PM&R training?
Initially, it was the opportunity to train at numerous sites, each with unique patient populations. When I had the opportunity to interview, I knew Minnesota was the best place for me - the PD, faculty and fellow residents were all focused on creating an environment that promoted resident engagement and pursuit of their interests. Each of the residents brought a unique skill set and professional interest, fostering a diverse experience that ensures a well rounded training experience.

What advice would you give a current applicant hoping to match PM&R?
Stay true to yourself. Determine what qualities in a program mean the most to you, do your research and ask plenty of questions to find the best fit.

What are your favorite things about the Twin Cities?
My fiance and I have loved exploring all the beautiful parks and lakes within the cities. Lake of the Isles and Lake Harriet have been our favorite so far. There are great breweries and we are still just barely scratching the surface of all the diverse restaurants in our area.

Grant Gustafson with fiance

What are your interests within PM&R?
Right now I would have to say I’m most interested in a clinical setting providing comprehensive pain management. I also have an interest in SCI and am looking forward to working more with those patients to see where that interest leads. What’s great about Minnesota is we get an in-depth experience in diverse training environments, providing an opportunity to have a thorough understanding of the many different ways to provide great care as a physiatrist.

You're almost halfway through intern year, how is it going?
Great! One appealing feature of the program is the categorical transitional year, where I’ve been able to train in relevant fields such as neurosurgery, rheumatology and pulmonology. As interns we are also part of weekly PM&R didactics so it’s a great opportunity to get an early jump on being a part of and contributing to the program. We have a great group of interns and on several occasions have had the chance to get together.

Childhood picture of Grant Gustafson

What are some fun facts about yourself?

  • In grade school for 3 days every year I dressed up in a traditional Dutch costume for my hometown’s spring festival (I’m Swedish).
  • I love to travel and go backcountry camping. My favorites have been Denali National Park and Berchtesgaden, Germany.
  • My fiance ALSO dressed up in traditional Dutch costumes during our hometown’s festival (She’s Irish). We’ve known each other since 2nd grade and get married next October!

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