PM&R Chief Resident, Dr. Amanda Day, spearheaded a fun initiative for the community to get to know our residents. The PM&R resident spotlight is on senior resident, Dr. James Dvorak!

Minnesota has always been home to me, and the community within this program was second to none. The ability to train in multiple sites with different financial structures and the vast opportunities within each site was invaluable. The program director and his vision for the program was also a big draw. Dr. Tonkin is fantastic and I hope he stays here forever.

What have been your favorite experiences during your PM&R residency?
Finding my passion for pain medicine, and the fantastic staff who have facilitated my learning. Also, my continuity clinic that allowed me to perform and learn procedures that are not otherwise available in our core rotations. Lastly, all the gatherings, and time we got to spend together as residents — it's a big family and it was a fantastic 4 years.

As you graduate, what advice would you give to your fellow PM&R residents?
If you want a certain experience or exposure to a certain area of PM&R, get your hands on as early as possible. You never become an expert without first being a beginner. The earlier you get your hands on, the sooner you will become the expert and will be teaching others. Residency is an amazingly crazy 4 years... Enjoy the journey!

What do you love about Minneapolis and Minnesota?
I love the outdoors and all the lakes, parks, paths, and trails. Cabins "Up North.” The microbrewery scene is pretty awesome. The people, community, and family feel of the city and surrounding suburbs. It's my home and will always be.

What are your post-grad plans?
Pain fellowship at the U of MN.

What are some fun facts about yourself?

  • I used to ski... Switched to snowboarding... Broke my collar bone, bruised 2 ribs, tore my ACL, and sprained MCL...Now I ski.
  • I once took on a Triple Black Diamond... I lost.

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