PM&R Chief Resident, Dr. Amanda Day, spearheaded a fun initiative for the community to get to know our residents. The PM&R resident spotlight is on PGY1, Dr. Mark Volker.

Where did you go to medical school? 
University of MN

What drew you to the field of PM&R? 
Patient-centered & team approach to care, academic interests (msk, neuro, procedures), and the people! 

Why the University of Minnesota for your PM&R training? 
Besides family and friends (MN native here), I chose the UMN because it just felt right. Friendly residents and staff, a variety of training environments, and a program flexible enough to optimize each residents education, all in my home was just too much to pass up! 

What advice would you give a current applicant hoping to match PM&R? 
Just be yourself and find a program that fits you.

PM&R resident with his family outside during winter

What’s your favorite thing(s) about Minnesota?
I love the 4 seasons! Enjoying time at the lake in the summer, the colors in fall, a book, beverage, and blanket in winter, and the fresh smell of rain in spring. Given the full variety, it’s hard to ever get bored and complacent. 

What are your interests within PM&R? (clinical, research, teaching, etc)
MSK, ultrasound, procedures 

Dr. Mark Volker pole vaulting

What are some fun facts about yourself? 

  • Had the opportunity to tour Europe as a young boy as a member of the Land of Lakes Choir Boys.
  • I once pole-vaulted on the roof of Brit’s Pub in downtown Minneapolis.
  • I’m a huge nerd. Love reading fantasy, playing board games, and have been known on occasion to even play dungeons and dragons.

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