Urology 7200

Course Expectations

Assigned Readings

Smith’s General Urology (16th or 17th Edition) by Tanagho and McAninch:

  • Symptoms of Disorders of the Genitourinary Tract (Ch. 3)
  • Physical Examinations of the Genitourinary Tract (Ch. 4)
  • Urologic Laboratory Examination (Ch. 5)
  • Injuries to the Genitourinary Tract (Ch. 17)
  • Neoplasms of the Prostate Gland (Ch. 22)
  • Urinary Incontinence (16th edition: Ch. 28; 17th edition, Ch. 29)
  • Male Sexual Dysfunction (16th edition, Ch. 37; 17th edition, Ch. 38)

Purchase Smith’s General Urology from the Biomedical Bookstore or access the necessary chapters online through the class Moodle site.

Additional readings are assigned for the pediatric urology rotation.

Video Lectures

View videotaped lectures on the CD provided or on the class Moodle website. You’re expected to watch all of the lectures before starting your rotation. They’ll provide you with information important for your understanding of the primary care management of urologic problems.

Grand Rounds & Conferences

While enrolled in Urology 7200, you are required to attend the Department of Urology Grand Rounds. This conference is held every Wednesday morning at 7 a.m. in Room 3-100 Mayo.

Following Grand Rounds, you are required to attend the medical student lecture from 8-10 a.m. in Mayo 4th Floor B426.

Final Exams

Urology Self-Assessment Exam for adult or pediatric urology track can be found in the BlackBag site under the Assessment tab on the left.


All evaluations – both student performance and hospital rotation(s) – will be completed online.