More than a dozen residents from the University of Minnesota and other top medical schools work and train beside our outstanding doctors and researchers. 

Students within the Department of Urology receive world-class training and research opportunities through three unique programs: medical student clerkships, residency and fellowships.

med students

The Department of Urology offers one required and one elective clerkship for third to fourth-year medical students: Surgical Specialty: Urology 7200 (required) and Advanced Urologic Surgery 7500 (elective). 

Photo of the first year residents

Each year, the Department of Urology at the University of Minnesota accepts new residents to train alongside our physicians. We aim to provide you with exceptional training in a variety of urologic conditions affecting both men and women.

urology fellowship

Our fellowship program emphasizes male anterior and posterior urethral reconstruction, male urinary incontinence surgery, ureteral stricture repair, and genital reconstruction, with an emphasis in complex neurogenic bladder management.