Resources for Patients

Dietary Services

Nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian is available to our cancer patients.

Counseling includes an overview of general nutrition guidelines and nutrition guidelines during radiation or chemotherapy treatment, as well as insights into coping with appetite problems, difficulty eating, food safety and supplements.

Bladder and Prostate Cancer Support Groups

If you're dealing with bladder or prostate cancer, you need not be alone. A support group can provide the opportunity to learn about the various aspects of cancer. You’ll also be invited to share experiences and feelings with others battling the disease.

Our support groups provide an educational program presented by a professional in the field followed by an open discussion session. Caregivers are also encouraged to attend support group meetings.  

For more information on our support groups, please contact Casey Pratt at


If you've recently been diagnosed with prostate, bladder or kidney cancer, you may find it helpful to speak with a former patient who has undergone treatment or therapy for the condition you face.

Our Patient-to-Patient Program provides patients and families the opportunity to share experiences with someone who has taken the same journey. We find patients can gain valuable information and insight about their condition from our former patients.