Frequently Asked Questions

Hello, and thank you for your interest in the University of Minnesota Neurology Residency Program! When we were medical students looking for the perfect neurology program, we didn’t really know where to begin, or how to figure out what a “good” program was. Here are a few things we would encourage you to look into, and how the University of Minnesota might fit your vision.
- Chief Resident

Can I live in this city for four years?

Yes! Minneapolis continually ranks highly in top places to live, healthiest cities, and biker-friendly cities. We make the most of the outdoors at all times, even in the winter. We have the second-most Fortune 500 companies per capita, providing a large job market for your non-medical partner. From Minneapolis, you can bike on numerous trails, even go 100 miles round-trip on paved path. We also have a ton of breweries and new distilleries. It’s safe here. All that, a large airport, and lakes!!

Will I work with good people?

Obviously a subjective question, the answer to which you can’t truly find via web-search. However, the answer here is yes. Our residents bond during Friday School, and very often get a drink after lectures, if able. We plan a few official social events during the year, but the rest of the time it’s day-to-day, genuine friendships that make our work environment so pleasant. We also have most of the Attendings’ cell phone numbers saved and have never had resistance for calling them.

Can I match into a good fellowship?

Recently, our graduates have matched at Wash U, Mayo Clinic, Partners Neurology (Harvard), Stanford, UCSF, and (of course) University of Minnesota. Most years, approximately 1 of 6 residents goes straight to practice and 5 of 6 do a fellowship. The areas are diverse too: epilepsy, neuromuscular, headache, vascular, palliative care, neuro-oncology, neuro-ophthalmology, just to name a few.

Will I have a good patient load?

You want to see more to learn more, but not be bogged down in writing H&P’s and discharge summaries. We cover three sites 24/7 (the VA is home-call at night), but we do this with 18 neurology residents plus help from off-service residents and nurse practitioners. I believe we provide a good balance of patient care, learning, and teaching. Our primary sites include the University (think transplants and LVADs!), HCMC (“the county” hospital), and the VA, so we really do see some of everything.

How’s the intern year?

Our intern year is truly integrated. You participate in Friday didactics with the rest of the neurology crew, and neurology continuity clinic ½ day a week. That’s in addition to your 3 neurology blocks. Our interns are just as much a part of our program as any of the other residents!