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The 2023 Power of Partnerships Event is Currently TBD, look back here later for updates! 

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See below for information about 2022's event. 


This year's Power of Partnerships will feature a panel discussion on "Racism in the Healthcare Setting." The panelists this year are:

Poster Session

2022 Power of Partnerships Poster Abstracts and Posters


*Note: times are approximate

Breakout Room 1 - Aging and Health

Moderator: Rodolfo Batres

4:15 PM   "Perceptions of dementia care among African immigrants in Minnesota: Insights from community conversations"
4:22 PM   "The Impact of Public Reporting on Inequities in High-Quality Home Health Use"
4:29 PM   "Men’s Sheds: Meeting the Needs of Senior Men in Rural Minnesota"
4:36 PM   Q&A

Breakout Room 2 - Adolescent Health

Moderator: Nitisha Meshram

4:15 PM   "Empowering Parents for Wellness in Shelter (EMPOWER): Adapting and scaling a shelter-based health empowerment program for parenting youth experiencing homelessness"
4:26 PM   "Developing a Mobile App-based Intervention to Support the Coming Out Process in Gender Non-Conforming and Transgender Youth"
4:37 PM   Q&A

Breakout Room 3 - Sexual & Reproductive Health

Moderator: Mikow Hang

4:15 PM   "Recommending the HPV Vaccine: A Community-Based Opportunity"
4:22 PM   "HmongHPV eHealth website: A Pilot to Evaluate Dissemination Strategies"
4:29 PM   "Community Driven Approaches to Assessing Intergenerational Sexual and Reproductive Health Experiences among Minnesota’s African Immigrant Groups"
4:36 PM   Q&A

Breakout Room 4 - Racism and Structrual Changes

Moderator: Kathleen Call

4:15 PM   "Measuring Structural Racism"
4:22 PM   "Addressing Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Medicaid Home and Community based Services"
4:29 PM   "Shifting the Landscape of Community Partnerships: reflections and recommendations to counter reactionary approaches"
4:36 PM   Q&A

Breakout Room 5 - Cancer

Moderator: Jack Smith

4:15 PM   "Digital Breast Cancer Champions: Development of a Culturally Appropriate Breast Cancer Education Platform"
4:26 PM   "Breast Cancer Champions: A Community-Academic Partnership Empowering Black Women for Community Outreach for Breast Cancer Education"
4:37 PM   Q&A



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Planning Committee

  • Michele Allen
  • Jerica Berge
  • Kathleen Call
  • Susan Gust
  • Mikow Hang
  • Clarence Jones
  • Cathy Jordan
  • Maddy Kluesner
  • Jack Q Smith
  • Chao Yang
  • Jason Yang