Community-Centered Dissemination Toolkit

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What is the CCD Toolkit?

The Community-Centered Dissemination Toolkit is a resource designed to help research teams incorporate community-engagement principles into dissemination.

The CCD Toolkit is broken down into 5 steps to help researchers and research partnerships plan their dissemination. Each of the 5 steps is outlined below. An example has been integrated throughout the Toolkit to demonstrate how the Toolkit can be used.

The CCD Toolkit can help you 

  • Proactively engage communities to communicate research findings in ways that are meaningful and relevant to communities
  • Include communities that are impacted by and best-positioned to make change
  • Create a dissemination plan as early as possible with plans to revise throughout the life of the project
  • Practice equitable partnerships

Who is the CCD Toolkit for?

  • Researchers (university/academic, community)
  • Research partnerships/teams
  • Community members/organizations

You Can Download the Complete Toolkit Here

Video on Planning for Community-Centered Dissemination

This is an introductory video on the toolkit! In the video, Sarah Gollust, Professor in the School of Public Health, discusses:

  • Traditional research dissemination
  • Why we want to do it differently
  • The impact of community-engaged dissemination
  • How to proactively plan community-engaged dissemination
  • The steps in making a dissemination plan

The video is intended for staff and faculty who are part of PHDR’s research center, C2DREAM, but can be a helpful introductory resource to dissemination that is community-centered for those outside of C2DREAM.

  Visit C2DREAM  

Watch Video Here

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Step 1: Gather a Dissemination Team

The team will work together to create an effective dissemination plan and should include both researchers and representatives from the communities that encompass your audience and those who will most benefit from your results.

Gather a Dissemination Team

Step 2: Define Dissemination Goals