April 2024 Publications & Media Appearances

See the fascinating research and media interviews that our UMN Neurology faculty have been involved with in the month of March.


Effectiveness of Tenecteplase Versus Alteplase in Acute Ischemic Stroke Selected Subgroups of a Real-world Data Set, Pramit Jagtap, Luis Silva, Shayan Khan, Solmaz Ramezani Hashtjin, Karen Stalin, Saketh Annam, David Dale Schneck, Mark Fiecas, Annette Xenopoulos-Oddsson, Cynthis Zheng, Savannah Gabrielle Novy, Salman Ikramuddin, Abbey Staugaitis, Christopher Streib
In: Cerebrovascular Disease and Interventional Neurology

Burnout in NeurologyJanet Guo, Senay Gokcebel, Parneet Kaur Grewal, Sasha Alick-Lindstrom, Christa O'hana San Luis Nobleza, Doris Kung, Suma Shah, Halley Alexander, Natasha Frost, Kamala Marie Rodrigues, Sarah Durica, Seema Nagpal, June Yoshii-Contreras, Katherine Zarroli, Padmaja Sudhakar, Chen Zhao, Sol De Jesus, Deborah Young Bradshaw, Nicole Brescia, Nancy Foldvary-Schaefer, Laura Marie Tormoehlen, Laurie Gutmann, Sneha Mantri, Ailing Eileen Yang, Annie Ziyi He, Cynthia Zheng, Mark Fiecas, Julie Silver, Alyssa Westring, Jane Allendorfer, Sima Patel, Neishay Ayub
In: Practice, Policy, and Ethics

JAG2 Variant Cloning: Evaluation of a Muscular Dystrophy Gene and a Potential Model SystemJohnnie Turner, Mekala Gunasekaran, Hannah Littel, Peter Kang
In: Neuromuscular and Clinical Neurophysiology (EMG)

Anatomical Predictors of Gastrostomy Tube Placement After Large Vessel Occlusion Ischemic StrokeMargy McCullough-Hicks, Salman Ikramuddin, Soren Kirchhoff Christensen, Daniel Ruiz-Betancourt, Michael Mlynash
In: Cerebrovascular Disease and Interventional Neurology

Feasibility of Behavioral Testing During Video EEG Monitoring with Seizure ROAR Testing ProtocolAmerta Bai, Lisa Lykken, Paul Ping Wang, David Darrow, Tariq Hattab, Melissa Mueller, Megan Halverson, Thomas Henry, Sima Patel
In: Epilepsy/Clinical Neurophysiology (EEG)

A Case of a Rare Seizure Mimic: Acute Intermittent Porphyria AttackAmerta Bai, Clark Raymond Robinson, Gregory Vercellotti, Sima Patel
In: Epilepsy/Clinical Neurophysiology (EEG)

Cognitive Deficits are Similar Among Patients with Serotonergic-induced REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (5-HT RBD) Compared to Idiopathic RBD (iRBD), Neha Reddy, Meaghan Berns, Rachael Berns, Hannah Olson, Michael Howell
In: Sleep

Implementing Telestroke in the Inpatient Setting: A Qualitative Analysis of Barriers and FacilitatorsSamuel Boes, Solmaz Ramezani Hashtjin, Christopher Streib, Maya Peters, Michael Usher, Joseph Koopmeiners, Timothy Beebe, Genevieve Melton-Meaux, Deborah Pestka
In: Cerebrovascular Disease and Interventional Neurology

Creation, Implementation, and Outcomes of a Formative Simulation Course for Promoting Healthy Equity Education in Neurology: A Pilot StudyJavier Andres Suarez, Daniel Steven Harrison, Altaf Saadi, Jose McFaline-Figueroa
In: Education, Research, and Methodology

The Development and Implementation of the Neurology Digital Education Scholars Program, Jaclyn Martindale, Jeffrey Strelzik, Kathryn Leigh Idol Xixis, Neel Fotedar, Casey Albin, Alison Christy, Rohit Marawar, Jennifer Rubin, Jessica Goldstein
In: Education, Research, and Methodology

Jugular Variant Bow-Hunter’s Syndrome from Sternocleidomastoid Entrapment of the Internal Jugular VeinYoon-Hee Cha, Kayla Chan, Mahmood Gharib, Joseph Karam
In: Education, Research, and Methodology

Dynamic Imaging of Blood Coagulation Within the Hematoma of Patients with Acute Hemorrhagic Stroke, Muhammad Haque, Seth Boren, James Mills, Kerry Schneider, Maria Parekh, Stuart Fraser, Ivo Bach, Praveen Hariharan, Pamela Zelnick, Felix Guerra Castanon, Asim Naveed, Muhammad Tariq, Octavio Arevalo, Khader Hasan, Miguel Escobar, Xiurong Zhao, Clark Sitton, Ponnada Narayana, James Grotta, Jaroslaw Aronowski, Sean Savitz
In: Stroke

Teaching Video NeuroImage: Adaptor-Related Protein-Complex-3 Subunit β-2 Immunoglobulin-G-Associated Autoimmune Ataxia, Naga Pradyumna Kothapalli, Pitcha Chompoopong, Andrew McKeon, Divyanshu Dubey
In: Neurology

Propranolol or Beta-Blockers for Cerebral Cavernous Malformation: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Literature in Both Preclinical and Clinical StudiesSalman Ikramuddin, Shimeng Liu, Dylan Ryan, Sara Hassani, David Hasan, Wuwei Feng
In: Transl Stroke Res.

Neuromodulation for Post-Stroke Motor Recovery: a Narrative Review of Invasive and Non‑Invasive Tools, Zafer Keser, Salman Ikramuddin, Shashank Shekhar, Wuwei Feng 
In: Curr Neurol Neurosci Rep.

The Three Pillars of Recovery After Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: A Narrative Review, Dylan Ryan, Salman Ikramuddin, Sheila Alexander, Christine Buckley, Wuwei Feng 
In: Translational Stroke Research

Artery of Percheron InfarctionSalman Ikramuddin, John Coburn, Solmaz Ramezani, Christopher Streib
In: Neurology Clinical Practice

Media Appearances


Elizabeth Neil on KARE-TV: “Man's best friend helps man develop brain cancer treatments

Michael Howell on KSTP: “Gallup poll: Americans getting less sleep than ever"

Jeffrey Allen in Associated Press: “argenx Data Highlight Evidence that VYVGART and VYVGART Hytrulo Drive Transformative Outcomes for Patients with Debilitating Autoimmune Disease"

Karen Ashe in Science.org: “Bone marrow transplants spread Alzheimer’s-like disease in mice, controversial study reports

Karen Ashe and Dongming Cai in Minnesota Daily: “UMN’s Alzheimer’s Ashe Research Lab post-fabrication claims"

Dongming Cai in UMN Discovery Magazine: “Finding hope in Alzheimer’s care"

Jerry Vitek in UMN Discovery Magazine: "Alley-oop

Media Mentions:

Peter Kang in UMN System: “Dear Minnesota: Jeremy’s call for hope

Peter Kang in Associated Press “Duchenne UK and Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy Award $500,000 to Evaluate Safety and Tolerability of Muscle Progenitor Cells in Phase 1 Trial

Jeffrey Allen in Medscape: “Largest Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy Trial Offers Promising Results for Drug Combo"

Minoo Shams-Moorkani in Stomp The City: “Minoo Shams, MD, an Epileptologist with M Health Fairview Clinics and Surgery Center"