We prepare the next generation of neurosurgeons to discover new treatments and provide state-of-the-art patient care.

Our students and trainees see a wide variety of patients with diverse medical complications and work with distinguished faculty. Our program provides a rich educational experience for students and trainees looking to be on the leading edge of neurosurgery.

Residency Program

The department of Neurosurgery Residency Program exposes trainees to all fields of neurosurgery in the full range of potential practice settings.


The Department of Neurosurgery offers three fellowship opportunities in a wide range of clinical and academic areas.

Medical Students

The neurosurgery clerkship will give you an introduction to neurosurgery. In this rotation, you will expand your understanding of basic nervous system physiology and explore critical concepts in the pathophysiology of neurosurgical disorders.

Visiting Medical Students

The Department of Neurosurgery invites qualified fourth-year medical students to participate in the Away Rotation or Externship program.