Neurosurgeon Andrew Venteicher, MD, PhD, has officially joined the Neurosurgery Department and the U's Masonic Cancer Center. He will lead the Center for Cranial Base Surgery, which focuses on diagnosis and comprehensive treatment for patients with tumors and cerebrovascular lesions along the base of the brain, pituitary gland, and brainstem. He specializes in minimally invasive and endoscopic endonasal approaches, in addition to traditional cranial approaches, to avoid injury to normal brain structures during surgery.
On the research side, Venteicher is part of a new initiative between the U's Medical School and the Masonic Cancer Center that is exploring the functional genomics of brain tumors. Functional genomics provides useful information about signaling pathways that are consecutively activated or inactivated among cancer cells. This information is of particular importance for cancer research to identify new treatment options for patients with these tumors.