Hannah Fischer, MPH (pictured above with her husband Colin), joined the Neurosurgery Department, January 4, 2023, as its Research Program Manager. She has a Master’s in Public Health from the U of M and completed her undergraduate degree in psychology at Minnesota State University - Mankato.  Hannah has worked at the U of M since 2016 in the departments of Cardiology and Pharmacology. Her most recent position was as a regulatory specialist in the Masonic Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office. “She has lots of relevant research experience we are excited to have her join us,” said Department Administrator Larry Gunderson.

After meeting with several faculty members during the interview process, Hannah realized the department was warm and welcoming. “I’m excited about the fact that they’re growing their research program,” she said. “The department is doing amazing work – from brain tumor research to exploring deep brain stimulation to working with Parkinson's patients.”

Hannah Fischer

Hannah likes being in research because it helps improve patient quality of life. “And no two days are ever the same, which I really enjoy,” she said.

For her new role, Hannah will rely on her project management skills and the information she gained during her clinical research courses. Her recent experience with the Cancer Center, where there is a focus on process improvement, is also something she will bring to the Neurosurgery Department.

Having spent six years at the University, Hannah is familiar with its research requirements. What she has found challenging over the years is navigating the U’s myriad systems, especially on the healthcare side. “I believe I’m finally getting the hang of it,” she said.

Hannah will initially work with Department Head Clark C. Chen, MD, PhD, Neuromodulation Scholar Michael C. Park, MD, PhD, and Vice Chair of Research Ann Parr, MD, PhD, on their clinical trials. “I look forward to helping those I support find the answers they need,” said Hannah. “I know that we have a few basic science labs in the department as well and hope to learn more about what they do and how I can help.”

When Hannah has some free time, she likes to read, take her two dogs, Mya and Lace, on walks, and travel with her husband, Colin. “This past fall, we went to Italy, Denmark, and Sweden,” she said. “It was a fantastic trip!"