One of life’s greatest ironies is that we often take for granted those who are most precious to us — people that we cannot imagine our world without — people to whom we rarely express our gratitude.

National Nurses Week, May 6 – 12, 2022, reminds us to celebrate our nurses and express our gratitude for their pursuit of a higher calling.

Our nurses care for us at our most vulnerable moments, reassuring us with their conviction and knowledge. They attend to our most basic needs when illnesses threaten our fundamental sense of human dignity. They share the joy of our recovery and console us during our setbacks. They hold our loved ones’ hands when we can't to safeguard their peace of mind. They serve at the front line to keep us safe from the harms of epidemics and pandemics. All these and more, despite long and exhausting shifts, countless hours away from family, and COVID.

Simply put, an ordinary workday for our nurses is often the most extraordinary day of our patients’ lives. An ordinary word from our nurses may be the most extraordinary compassion that heals a broken heart. An ordinary task for our nurses could be the key to unlocking the most extraordinary miracles of life.

For every ordinary extraordinary, we express our gratitude during this week of celebration and for every day thereafter. We appreciate our nurses’ courageous optimism. We admire their grace under pressure and selfless sacrifices.

As a recent patient and on behalf of the countless patients whose lives you have touched​...​

Thank you.