Edward Seljeskog, MD, PhD

It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing on March 16, 2022, of Professor Emeritus Edward Seljeskog, MD, PhD, one of the early graduates of our residency program and a legendary leader in the department for decades (1968 – 2004). A selfless servant of the practice of neurosurgery, Dr. Seljeskog treated patients and held leadership positions at the University of Minnesota, what was then Hennepin County General Hospital, and the Minneapolis Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital. He also held leadership positions on the national stage in both neurosurgery (1995 President of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, Director of the American Board of Neurological Surgery) and surgery (Regent of the American College of Surgeons) organizations.

For 17 years, he flew or drove monthly to Aberdeen, SD, to consult with a U of M medical school colleague in his orthopedics practice. In 1993 he moved to private practice in Rapid City, SD, where he helped found Black Hills Surgical Hospital. He maintained his connection to the Department through his ongoing service at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center.

Dr. Seljeskog had a long history of contributing to the growth of the practice of neurosurgery through his teaching, his research, his writing, and through the numerous leadership positions he held in professional organizations and on hospital committees.

This beautifully written obituary provides a glimpse into the life of a “stubborn Norwegian” whose foundation was built on the work he did as an Eagle Scout, setting the stage for a life of service to others.