How to Apply

Applications for the 2024 program will be accepted from December 1, 2023 through February 15, 2024.

2024 Program Dates: June 3 through August 9, 2024.
Scholars are required to attend Cardiopalooza on July 31, 2024.

Summer 2024 Application

Applicants should submit the following list of items:

  1. Resumé that includes standardized test scores* used for college applications
    * If you have yet to take your SAT/ACT tests, you may include your PSAT scores, or just include a note in your resumé stating why you have no test scores to report.
  2. Copy of school transcript (official or unofficial)
  3. 2 letters of faculty recommendation (more info below)
  4. Statement of interest in the LHI SRSP (paragraph)
  5. Brief statement of short term and long term goals

Please have all materials together before you begin the online application. Letters of recommendation may be submitted directly via the form, or faculty members may submit letters themselves via a separate form or email. 

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  • Scholarships are open to high school students and undergraduate students.
    • High school students must be 16 years of age or older, must be current Junior or Senior at time of application, and must be a U.S. citizen.
    • Undergraduate students must be enrolled in an accredited degree program in a healthcare-related field.
  • Scholarships last 10 weeks in duration and are full time (40 hr/week, unless special arrangements have been requested and approved by the Director).

Compensation and Benefits

All Scholars will receive an hourly wage.

Housing and Meals

  • The Summer Research Scholars Program does not provide meals or housing for participants
  • For applicants 18 years of age and older, accommodations in University of Minnesota residence halls are available at an extra cost. Contact the U of M Office of Housing and Residential Life for more info: University of Minnesota Housing and Residential Life website.
  • For applicants under the age of 18, an adult chaperone is required for accommodation in University housing. The adult chaperone must live with the applicant and pay an additional cost. Alternatively, minor age applicants may make off-campus housing arrangements with family or friends in the area.

Online Application - Instructions

Before you start the online application, you must have ALL of the following materials and information prepared:

  1. Your resumé (in MS Word or Adobe .pdf format) including standardized test scores used for college applications
  2. Your statement of purpose (in MS Word or Adobe .pdf format)
  3. Your statement of short- and long-term goals (in MS Word or Adobe .pdf format)
  4. Contact info for instructors submitting letters of reference

These required items may be submitted online:

  1. Your high school or university/college transcript (see section I, below)
  2. One or both letters of reference (see section II, below) in MS Word or Adobe .pdf format

Go to the Online Application (form will not be live before Dec. 1)

Additional Instructions

I. If your school prefers to send transcripts directly, one may be sent by...

  • ...snail or express mail: 
    LHI - SRSP
    2231 6th St. SE, 4-165 CCRB
    Minneapolis, MN 55455

II. If one or both of your instructors prefer to submit a letter of reference directly, letters may be submitted...

  • (instructors only, inactive until Dec. 1)
  • email:
  • snail or express mail: 
    LHI - SRSP
    2231 6th St. SE, 4-165 CCRB
    Minneapolis, MN 55455


Go to the Online Application (form will not be live before Dec. 1)

Letters of Reference - Instructions

Letters of reference may be submitted by the applicant (with permission of the referee) or by the referee themselves.
Letters of reference should be addressed to “Admission Committee.”

Submission by Applicant

Online: Submit letters with your other materials using the online application (link inactive until Dec. 1)
Email: as a PDF document attachment and to

Submission by referee

Online: click to go to online letter submission form (link inactive until Dec. 1)
2231 6th St SE
4-165 CCRB
Minneapolis MN 55455

Frequently Asked Questions

May I send letters of reference already used for other purposes, such as med school admission?
Yes, but keep in mind that these letters should contain pertinent information specific to the LHI Summer Research Scholars Program.

If I am currently an undergraduate, may my letters of reference be from my high school teachers?
No, letters of reference from current teachers are required.