PGY1 Residents

Because of complexities related to the COVID pandemic, this year’s application cycle may be particularly stressful for our medical student applicants. We are here to support you in every way we can and would like to offer clear, transparent guidelines about our recruitment process. Our program commits to following our national organization's recommendations for the 2020-2021 interview season.

  1. We offer a limited number of interviews relative to the number of positions that we have available. We will NOT offer more interviews than interview slots available. As a result, applicants will have 72 hours to either accept or decline an interview
  2. We require only one letter of recommendation from a psychiatrist
  3. All interviews will be conducted onlinefor the entire interview season, including those for local trainees. Our interviews will be structured to respect the trainee’s time, including proper notice and consolidation of meetings
  4. We will also offer virtual opportunities to meet our current residents and view our facilities. All applicants are invited to follow our residency program’s Twitter account @UMNPsychRes for updates. These opportunities will also be communicated to applicants prior to interview day via our website/email
  5. We commit to holistically reviewing all applicants with an understanding of the complexity the pandemic has introduced
  6. We commit to equitable and antiracist practices. We recognize that historically marginalized applicants are potentially experiencing an even greater degree of the burden associated with the current state of affairs
  7. Uncertainty about the future can cause intolerable anxiety. It is our joy and our commitment to you to ensure that you are as successful as possible this interview season. We are here to address any concerns that you may have, big or small. Please do not hesitate to reach out at

For information about managing intolerable anxiety, we recommend this podcast developed by our Vice Chair for Education, Dr. Kaz Nelson.

PGY2, PGY3 or PGY4

Typically such applicants are considered only if there is an opening in the program or the applicant has outstanding credentials and is seeking a specific experience offered at the University of Minnesota.

The program requires:

  • Letter of application explaining the circumstances
  • USMLE scores
  • Medical School transcript
  • Contemporary letters of recommendation
  • Confirmation of previous training and delineation of the specific rotations from the program's Director

An interview, if offered, is conducted in the same manner as described for PGY1 applicants. The Residency Training Committee decides whether to offer the applicant a position.

Visa Sponsorship

The J-1 alien physician visa sponsored by ECFMG is the preferred visa status for foreign national trainees in all UMN graduate medical education programs; therefore, the Department of Psychiatry sponsors only J-1 visas. We do not sponsor H-1B visas.

More information on the J-1 visa can be found on the UMN-GME webpage: International Medical Graduates & Visas.