psychiatry research

Did you know that mental illness is the leading cause of disability?

The mental health research conducted within the Department of Psychiatry aspires to improve and discover effective treatments and interventions to alleviate the suffering of mental illness. That’s why it is essential to continue to concentrate our research efforts in the areas of:

  • Neuroscience – understanding what goes wrong in the brain in mental illness.
  • Behavioral science – understanding the human action and behavior in society.
  • Genetics – the makeup and phenomena of a human being.

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The research teams in the Department of Psychiatry are often in need of volunteer support to help facilitate ongoing studies. Typically, volunteers commit to approximately 8-10 hours per week; however, depending on needs and qualifications, there are opportunities to volunteer with us more or less frequently. Responsibilities will vary depending on your experience and study needs.

If you are interested in being considered for a volunteer position, please follow the link below to complete the online form and upload your resume/CV. Your information will be entered into a list that Researchers will access to find potential volunteer applicants. Entry into this listing does not guarantee a volunteer position and is updated in June and December each year. We encourage you to resubmit every 6 months to make sure your information is current. If an opportunity becomes available one of our staff will reach out to you directly.

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