Medical Students

Years 1 & 2

Year 1

In your first year of Medical School, you will take Human Behavior.

Year 2

In your second year of Medical School, you will prepare for the transition to your clinical education.

Years 3 & 4

Required Clerkship

Psychiatry Externship ADPY 7500 is a requirement for medical students to complete in their third or fourth year of medical school. Its goal is to prepare medical students to recognize, diagnose, and care for patients with psychiatric disorders encountered in most medical practices.

Elective Clerkships

The Department of Psychiatry offers a broad range of elective opportunities for University of ​Minnesota​ medical students and qualified visiting medical students. Individually arrange​d​ electives that meet students’ interests and educational needs are also available.


​Visiting Medical Students

The Department of Psychiatry offers a range of educational opportunities and encourages medical students from other LCME-accredited institutions to consider participating in an elective at the University of ​Minnesota​.​ ​

If you are considering visiting our campus as medical student, please review the application process for visiting students.

Psychiatry Interested Medical Students

The ​University of Minnesota Psychiatry Interest Group provides the opportunity for medical students interested in psychiatry to meet, learn more about the specialty and find out about opportunities for experiences in the mental health field. The group has several events during the school year covering various topics in psychiatry, including presentations from guest faculty and residents from the Department of Psychiatry who discuss their clinical and/or research interests, as well as information about student community service activities and the residency application process. Students are also involved in organizing these events. There are limitless opportunities in psychiatry today and many new research advances, including work done at the ​University of Minnesota that make it an exciting time to specialize in psychiatry.