CFI is continuing the fight against COVID-19. Below is a collection of articles that showcase CFI's efforts.

Immunology Journal articles

Many CFI labs have joined the global effort to find a treatments for COVID-19.

COVID-19 research is continuing with exciting results, check out the many journal articles that CFI and their collaborators have published.

immunology print media

Recent articles in local and national newspapers highlighting CFI accomplishments.

CFI has been on the forefront of breakthroughs throughout the pandemic. Several labs have contributed to the news that is shared with the general public. Read those articles here.

Immunology electronic media

CFI research has been spotlighted on several media and digital outlets.

Over the last few years, the local media and other media outlets have relied on CFI to bring them the answers. CFI has been able to educate the general populace while still maintaining a high standard of research and results. Listen and watch the interviews to learn more about how CFI has been an integral part of the COVID-19 solution.