International Travel Grants for Postdoctoral Scholars

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International Travel Grants for Postdoctoral Scholars


Application Guidelines and Instructions

The Center for Immunology will offer travel awards of $500 to support travel costs for 2 postdoctoral scholars who present research results at international scientific meetings and symposia. The program will support costs of that travel up to a limit of $500 per fiscal year.

Awards are determined by availabiliy upon submission of your name, the name of the international conference and if you will present a paper or oral presentation to Marc Jenkins and Kristin Hogquist.

  • Eligibility for this program is restricted to Center for Immunology postdoctoral scholars whose faculty preceptor for research is based at the University of Minnesota and contributes their indirect costs to the University of Minnesota.
  • Applicants must include the CFI logo on the poster or slides and the topic must be central to postdoctoral research performed at the University of Minnesota.
  • Postdocs may only receive one travel grant in a given year and will not be eligible to apply the following year in order to provide an opportunity for others.