Dirty Mouse Colony

The transfer of microorganisms from dirty mice to standard SPF mice can induce a number of interesting immunological changes, many of which are more representative of the human immune system.  The increase in interest of such changes has created a need for a space that researchers can use to carry out their necessary experiments. 

In 2015, the CFI Dirty Mouse Colony (DMC) was formed to fill the needs of researchers.  This facility can house your specific laboratory strain of mice with mice which carry numerous microbes. Animals are housed in a BSL-3 containment facility which includes a stand-alone research suite with secure access through a common ante-room. The DMC program operates the facility on a fee-for-use basis. All projects need to be reviewed by the BSL-3 Advisory Committee and approved by both the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).


Researchers will be permitted to supply project-specific equipment in any of the lab spaces, provided the equipment can be successfully decontaminated before removal from the facility.

dirty clean mice

Key Instruments

Your research needs are met by two research laboratories that may be used for cell culture and standard microbiology experiments. In addition to standard research equipment suitable for microbiological research (vortexers, water baths, etc.), the laboratory is equipped with:

  • a 6-foot biological safety cabinet in each room
  • bacteriological incubators and shakers      
  • -80 degree freezer
  • -20 degree freezer           
  • refrigerator
  • water-jacketed CO2 incubators
  • a 24-place refrigerated microcentrifuge (Beckman)
  • Miltenyi separation magnets
  • Miltenyi GentleMacs
  • Allegra X-15 (Beckman) refrigerated tabletop centrifuge with safety enhanced rotor cups and adapters



The following services are included in the per diem rates, there is no RAR support in the facility

  • Mouse housing in BSL3
  • Use of the laboratory equipment for trained personnel  
  • Setting up of co-housing groups
  • Daily monitoring of your mice and communication concerning animal health
  • Cage changes, food and bedding purchase
  • Assistance with initial experimental design
  • Additional Technician support is available


Special Training required

To protect our standard SPF colonies, housing is within BSL3 containment facilities. As such, BSL3 specific training must be completed to enter this facility. You must first contact Sara Hamilton Hart before any training or space agreements can be determined.


Sara Hamilton Hart