LHI-CFI Mini Symposium 2023

LHI-CFI Mini-Symposium

On March 2, 2023, the LHI and Center for Immunology (CFI) organized the first LHI-CFI Mini-Symposium. The goal of the symposium was to stimulate new collaborations and to consolidate existing collaborations in a high-priority area: the intersection of the immune system and the cardiovascular system. The symposium showcased three ongoing projects that highlighted the intersection of the immune system with three critical components of the cardiovascular system: the blood vessel, the heart muscle, and the heart valves. The three speakers were:

Jesse Williams, PhD
Jesse Williams, PhD
Center for Immunology
"Trem2 Regulates Cholesterol-Loaded Foamy Macrophage Lipid Uptake and Survival in Atherosclerosis"
Jop van Berlo, MD, PhD
Jop van Berlo, MD, PhD
Lillehei Heart Institute
"Macrophages vs T Cells: Which Matter More for Cardiac Remodeling?"
Bryan Binstadt, MD, PhD

Bryce Binstadt, MD, PhD
Center for Immunology
"Autoimmune Valvular Carditis"

Held at the CCRB, the symposium was attended by approximately 60 faculty, students, and staff from the LHI and CFI.
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2:00pm - 5:00pm
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