Congratulations to Dr. Steve Jameson on his appointment as the President of the AAI for the 2024-2025 term! This is a significant achievement and a testament to his dedication and contributions to the field. We at CFI are proud to celebrate his accomplishments and look forward to the impactful leadership he will provide to the AAI community.

Stephen Jameson, PhD, LMP Professor and Harry Kay Chairman's Fund Professorship in Experimental Pathology, election as the 108th president of the American Association of Immunologists (AAI) marks a significant moment not only for him personally but also for the University of Minnesota and the field of immunology at large. With Dr. Jameson's background as a distinguished immunologist and his extensive contributions to the field, his presidency underscores the university's longstanding commitment to advancing immunological research. 

Stephen Jameson

Jameson has been a dedicated and active member of AAI for more than 27 years and has contributed significantly to the organization through various roles, including serving on the AAI Publications Committee and the AAI Nominating Committee. His editorial contributions to The Journal of Immunology as associate editor and section editor, along with his role as an instructor and past director of the AAI Advanced Course in Immunology, underscore his commitment to advancing the field and preparing the next generation of immunologists for success.

The roots of AAI's founding in Minneapolis in 1913 are intertwined with the University of Minnesota's own history, reflecting the institution's pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of immunology as a scientific discipline. Over the years, leaders like Dr. Marc Jenkins (AAI president 2013-2014) and Dr. Robert Good (AAI president 1975-1976) have further solidified the university's influence within AAI and the broader immunological community.

Today, with over 8,000 members spanning 71 countries, AAI continues to serve as a beacon for immunologists worldwide, fostering collaboration, innovation, and the dissemination of cutting-edge research. The annual meeting, drawing thousands of attendees and exhibitors, stands as a cornerstone event for the global immunology community, fostering networking and the exchange of knowledge.

As Dr. Jameson assumes the role of the 108th president of AAI on July 1, 2024, he steps into a position of great responsibility and opportunity. His leadership will undoubtedly shape the direction of AAI in the coming years, guiding its efforts to address the most pressing challenges and opportunities in immunology research and practice. Furthermore, his presidency reaffirms the University of Minnesota's ongoing commitment to the field of immunology.

"It is my distinct honor to represent you as this year’s president of the American Association of Immunologists," said Jameson. "I am excited to contribute to the continued success of AAI and its mission to improve global health and well-being by advancing immunology and elevating public understanding about the immune system."

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