Dr. Melanie Graham, associate professor of Surgery and the Robert and Katherine Goodale Chair in Minimally Invasive Surgery, has been appointed to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s (the National Academies) Committee on the State of the Science and Future Needs for Nonhuman Primate Model Systems

The committee is conducting a landscape analysis and developing a report to describe its findings and conclusions regarding the state of the science on nonhuman primate model systems.

The committee aims to understand what the current state of Biomedical research needs to foster opportunities to improve human health and challenges for NIH-supported biomedical research involving nonhuman primates.

There will be new examinations of approaches to methodologies (e.g., in vitro methods and computational approaches), which includes the development status of these methodologies. The committee is looking for ways to increase collaboration between NIH-supported researchers who use nonhuman primates and those who use the new approach methodologies.

Congratulations, Dr. Graham!